Saturday, 18 March 2017

Bartolo Longo, Thomas Garnet, Margaret Mary and Claude de la Columbiere - recreating imagery for new Catholic films

On Saturday 4th March 'Mary's Dowry Productions' spent a busy morning and afternoon 'on location' at our parish hall, recreating imagery for several new films we are currently making for our parish and which will be made available on DVD through our online shops.
We filmed portrayals of the following:
Our first portrayals were for a film about The Sacred Heart in England, focusing on biographies of St. Claude de la Columbiere, who brought the devotion to England, and St. Margaret Mary. St. Claude was St. Margaret Mary's confessor. The film is set in the 17th century so we used the original 18th century flint walls as a backdrop.
St. Margaret Mary and her sisters
St. Margaret Mary
St. Margaret Mary and St. Claude de la Columbiere
St. Claude de la Columbiere in prison during the Titus Oates plot
St. Claude, a Jesuit priest, was sent to England after meeting St. Margaret Mary, and was arrested and imprisoned during the Titus Oates plot. St. Claude met several English Martyrs during his time in England. We are looking forward to presenting this film.
Our next filming sequence focused on Blessed Bartolo Longo. Bartolo, an Italian Lawyer, was drawn into spiritualism and a satanic cult during his university days. He was eventually reconciled to the Catholic Faith, renounced spiritualism and built the famous Shrine to Our Lady of Pompeii. He is known as the Apostle of the Rosary.
Bartolo at a séance
Bartolo rejecting spiritualism
Bartolo teaching some of his orphans about the rosary
Finally, we filmed for St. Thomas Garnet, one of our English Martyrs. St. Thomas was the nephew of St. Henry Garnet, head of the Jesuits in England. Saint Thomas came to England on the English Mission and eventually gave his life for the Catholic Faith in England at Tyburn.
St. Thomas worked as a page for the half-brother of St. Philip Howard, a fellow Martyr
St. Thomas and a priest hunter
St. Thomas as the Tyburn gallows
We are still working on several other films due for release soon.
Be sure to visit our website for any new DVD releases and other films now available on the lives of the Saints and English Martyrs.

An ancient recusant shrine, a story of conversion - A Catholic novel on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited - 'House of Villains'

'House of Villains'
A story of conversion and redemption in modern-day England.
A new 683 page novel is now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited set in the fictional city of Southcliff on the south coast of England. If you notice the Miraculous Medal on the cover you will get a hint of the workings of grace and conversion that takes place in the characters of the story.
Here is the blurb as seen on Amazon:
A Catholic priest, a reformed thief, the daughter of a Mafia Boss. A Russian ballerina, a villain with a conscience, a rebellious son. A magnificent English Estate, an ancient recusant shrine, an alluring Casino. A masked ball, a famous diamond, a dangerous admirer. An infamous murder, a profound conversion, a shocking betrayal. A desperate prayer, an unimaginable passion, a world of intrigue. A time of grace. An ultimate treachery. A House of Villains.

Welcome to Southcliff City.

Rachel is the daughter of Signor Samuel Guardarsi, the terrifying head of a powerful, global criminal Empire. But she has spent most of her life in relative seclusion in her aristocratic mother’s ancestral Estate on the south coast of England at the edge of Southcliff City. Watched by her father’s loyal men during his three year absence from England, yet finding allies in her dedicated servants and two friends - her neighbour, the ballerina daughter of a former Russian Ambassador, as well as a famous racing circuit owner, nephew of her chauffer - Rachel is due to inherit her mother’s lands, titles and deeds when she turns twenty-one in just over a week. But she has no illusions that this will gain her freedom from her father or his villainous world. Her freedom will come though, of that she is certain. For she is awaiting the return of a former jewel thief, Sean Macgregor, who was once a player among the world’s criminal elite, but who left the infamous Empire for the love of Signor Samuel Guardarsi’s daughter, betraying the very people he had worked for.

Rachel knows that when Sean returns, everything will change. And so it does.

Sean Macgregor arrives back in Southcliff City the same time his greatest enemy returns. And Signor Samuel Guardarsi does not believe in reformers. There is still a hit out on Sean, put on him by his former acquaintance, Samuel’s notorious son Justin, but Sean and his brother Duncan, a Catholic priest of the ancient church and shrine of Our Lady of Solitude close to the Guardarsi Estate, trust in higher powers. Dark forces are at work, but so are the workings of grace. And when a savage murder, the return of a villain and a brutal betrayal almost brings the infamous Guardarsi Empire to its knees, all of its players are faced with a series of shocking revelations that determines everyone’s fate in this life, and in the next.
If you enjoy crime, thriller or romance fiction, lavish country estates, ancient recusant shrines, stories of conversion and hope, you may enjoy reading 'House of Villains'.
The NEW novel is now available FREE through Amazon Kindle Unlimited and to buy on Kindle through Amazon.
Paperback coming soon.
About the author:
Emily Jane Bevans lives on the south coast of England. For ten years she worked in, and helped to manage, a family chain of antiquarian bookshops in Worthing, Arundel and Chichester in West Sussex. She is the eldest daughter of internationally renowned artist Gary Bevans who is famous for painting the world's only full replica of Rome's Sistine Chapel Ceiling. The replica is located in Goring, West Sussex, England, U.K. She is presently the co-director of a UK based Catholic film production company 'Mary's Dowry Productions'. She writes, edits, produces, directs, narrates and sometimes acts for the company’s numerous historical and religious films.
She also enjoys writing novels. Her love for English history, stately historic houses, adventure movies and her Christian faith is the foundation of her writing.
House of Villains is her first published novel.