Tuesday 15 August 2023

Mary's Dowry Productions Catholic films, music, books - AUGUST newsletter

 August Newsletter from Mary's dowry Productions:

Dear Friends of Mary’s Dowry Productions, 

August brings with it the celebration of many inspiring Saints and Martyrs of the Church. We think especially of Saint Philomena and Saint Clare on August 11th just passed.

 “Look into this mirror every day, O Queen, spouse of Jesus Christ, and continually examine your face in it, so that in this way you may adorn yourself completely, inwardly and outwardly.... In this mirror shine blessed poverty, holy humility, and charity beyond words..." (Fourth Letter of Saint Clare to Blessed Agnes of Prague, FF, 2901-2903)

 The “dear little saint” of the CurĂ© d’Ars, as he called St Philomena, was also found a devout client in Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio). He called her the “little princess of Paradise,” and to those who dared question her existence, he replied that doubts were the fruit of the demon. Padre Pio said, “You can say that she was not called Philomena -- but this saint has worked miracles, and it was not the name that did them!” – Vatican News 

Saint Clare was from a privileged family. She chose to live her life in freedom from material things and founded, with Saint Francis of Assisi, the religious order of the Poor Clares. Saint Philomena was a young Greek girl who caught the eye of the Emperor Diocletian. She had vowed her life to Christ and refused to marry the emperor, despite the promise of wealth and titles. She is an early Martyr of the Church. 

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 We also remembered Saint Edith Stein (Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) on 9th August and will remember Saint Maximillian Kolbe on the 14th August. These two Saints are known as 20th Century Martyrs, both dying at the hands of the Nazis during WWII.

 “Dear brothers and sisters! The love of Christ was the fire that inflamed the life of St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Long before she realized it, she was caught by this fire.” – Pope Saint John Paul II at the canonization of Saint Edith Stein

The lives of the Saints and Martyrs told through film can be an inspiring way to meet these great heroes of the Universal Church. We founded Mary’s Dowry Productions in 2007 specifically to bring the lives of the Saints, Blesseds and Martyrs (in particular those from England) to people using the new media in a way that was easy to encounter our Saints who are from all walks of life and all periods of history, sharing the same love of God, fullness of Truth and richness of the Catholic Faith. Our unique films present visuals, music and narrative in an informative, devotional, prayerful and enjoyable way that is great for sharing with everyone. 

 “It is important, too, that people at all levels of the Church use the Internet creatively to meet their responsibilities and help fulfill the Church's mission.” – Pontifical Council for Social Communications – The Church and the Internet.

We recall especially many of our enjoyable films about early British Saints such as the joyful and determined Saint Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely who retired to a convent but was hunted by the King of Northumberland; the brave Saint Mildred of Thanet who had to face some interesting trials while at school in France; the innocent Saint Bega of Bees who longed to live in hermitage but was plagued by annoying pirates; the humorous and skilled Saint Cuthman of Steyning who pushed his disabled mother in a cart over the 7th century south downs and built a church! And many more.

  Currently, we are working on film about Saint David Lewis, a Welsh Martyr of Penal Times. He is inspiring for his dedication to the persecuted Catholics in England and Wales who were unable to publicly show their unity with the Pope and the Universal Church or publicly celebrate Mass or express devotion during the troubled political times in the land. We recently completed films about Saint Catherine of Siena and Venerable Ignatius Spencer. Buy Now All of our films are all available to watch on all digital devices and stream on demand through Roku, Apple, iPhone, iPad, Android and more via our Mary’s Dowry Vimeo channel. Anyone and everyone the world over can rent or buy these films. 

While we still produce films on DVD we have all of our films available for Instant Digital Download here: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

 We also have many of our films available to watch for free on our YouTube channel (see below), especially the lives of our heroic English Martyrs such as Saint Edmund Arrowsmith, Saint Swithun Wells and Saint Robert Southwell. The English Martyrs were men and women, priests and religious, who remained loyal to the Pope and the Universal Church rather than swear allegiance to a man or woman in matters of Faith. They gave shining examples and courageous witnesses during Penal Times, such as during the earthly reigns of King Henry VIII or Elizabeth I.

 “…your martyrs died to give witness to this faith, and in particular to the Sacrifice of the Mass, and to the primacy of Peter and his successors. We know that generations of priests, religious and laity in your land have lived the ideal of Christian service in the generosity of love. The Lord himself will be your reward.” – Pope Saint Paul VI in 1977. 

We now have available the beautiful soundtrack from our film about Saint Clare of Assisi on CD. More details here: This instrumental music album is the complete soundtrack from "Saint Clare of Assisi". With 7 tracks of instrumental music combining instruments from Clare's era fused with soundscapes, piano, guitar, strings, the music will lift your spirit to love and encounter God as Saint Clare so beautifully encountered Him especially in the Blessed Sacrament. 


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 Don’t forget to enjoy new clips and trailers from many of our films on our YouTube channel. Thank you for your continued support of Mary’s Dowry Productions Catholic Film Apostolate. 

 A blessed August to you all!


Friday 9 June 2023

Upcoming film about Saint David Lewis, 40 Martyrs of England and Wales

 Editing starts this week on Mary's Dowry Productions new film about Saint David Lewis, sharing through film the inspiring life and mission of this heroic Catholic priest during Penal Times. Filming took place in 2020 where we recreated key moments from Saint David Lewis's life.

Saint David Lewis is one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales. 

 A convert to the outlawed Catholic Faith in his day, this 17th century Welshman was ordained a Catholic Jesuit priest and gave his life for his people; risking everything to bring the illegal Catholic Sacraments into England and Wales during the dangerous persecution of Catholics in Penal Times.

 Braving hardship, hunted, threatened with death, this pious Catholic priest was truly a hero of the Catholic Church, bringing to the downtrodden Catholic people of Wales the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as well as hearing Confessions, administering Extreme Unction and giving true and authentic Catechesis; encouraging devotions, promoting love of the Eucharist, obedience to the Pope as the Head of the Church, and sharing his love of God, His Most Holy Mother and the Saints. 

Saint David Lewis worked for 30 years in Monmouthshire, paying much attention to the poor people and people in need, thus he became known as Tad y Tlodion ("Father of the Poor"). Betrayed, captured by priest hunters, and accused of being part of the fictitious Titus Oates plot, Saint David Lewis was charged with treason and executed for his Catholic priesthood during the reign of King Charles II.

 During his speech at the gallows he said: A Roman Catholic I am; a Roman Catholic priest I am; a Roman Catholic priest of that order known as the Society of Jesus, I am. He was canonised a Saint and Martyr in 1970 and has left us a powerful and inspiring witness for our times. The life and mission of Saint David Lewis is now presented in this new film from Mary’s Dowry Productions.



Wednesday 24 May 2023

NEW film about Venerable Father Ignatius Spencer - available now

Ven Father Ignatius Spencer film NOW AVAILABLE:

Now available from Mary's Dowry Productions - a new film about the wonderful, inspiring, devout, Passionist priest, Father Ignatius Spencer!

Born George Spencer - the son of the 2nd Earl Spencer First Lord of the Admiralty- in 1799, this intelligent, fervent, Truth-seeking English nobleman set upon a path that saw him encounter Catholicism in 19th Century England, convert from Anglicanism, resign his Anglican priesthood, journey to Rome and eventually enter the powerful Passionist Order as a devout and highly respected Catholic priest. 

 After a long journey through the temptations of a privileged life, having immersed himself in reading Scripture and the Early Church Fathers, with a love for his fellow man and a burning love for Christ and Our Saviour’s Passion, Father Ignatius Spencer embarked upon a mission throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, defending the Catholic Faith, winning hearts for God, enlightening minds, converting souls, founding schools and an order of nuns, practicing virtue, sacrificing much, enduring persecution and longing for England to reconcile with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church under its head, the Pope. 

 He would count among his descendants Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, and Princes William and Harry and has left us a wonderful legacy in the forms of unwavering hope, prayer and love of the Faith and the Catholic Church, attention to the Passion of Christ, love for one’s enemies, and a powerful contribution to England’s return to the Catholic Faith. In this new film, learn the life and mission of Father Ignatius Spencer – a priest for our times. 

 Length and Format: Ignatius Spencer is 30 minutes in length and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD. As with all our DVDs you will automatically be sent PAL or NTSC format depending on your country.




Thursday 27 April 2023

Saint Dymphna - filming in the bluebell woods at Clapham

 Today we set out into the woods at Clapham West Sussex (it's about a five minute drive from us so frequently visited). The bluebells are beautiful at the moment with a haze of blue in the woods, but the sun wasn't out so it was a bit dreary. We are looking at the life of Saint Dymphna and filmed some footage to use in a biographical DVD presentation about her. Here are some screenshots:

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Filming for Saint Hildegard of Bingen DVD, Catholic film

 Saint Hildegard of Bingen DVD

Today we went along to Dover Woods, Arundel, West Sussex, with a costume and our cameras and a couple of props, to film original footage to be used in a new production by Mary's Dowry Productions about Saint Hildegard of Bingen.

Saint Hildegard is an interesting Saint. We had a harp which we used in several shots because Hildegard learned the ten stringed psaltery (we didn't have one of those). She is famous for her music compositions.

Hildegard is also famous for her mystical visions, many of which she wrote down and interpreted in her book 'Scivias'. She wrote much, including letters and medicine and science books too.

In our film we look at Hildegard's writings including her love of nature, natural remedies and much more. She loved very much the Lord of Creation. She was a Benedictine abbess.

Look for our film about Saint Hildegard of Bingen soon from Mary's Dowry Productions - DVd and Instant Digital Download

Monday 9 January 2023

Saint Catherine of Siena film, in production, coming soon

 Saint Catherine of Siena FILM

from Mary's Dowry Productions

Coming soon from Mary's Dowry Productions Catholic film apostolate - Saint Catherine of Siena.

She was an emissary of peace, a defender of the Pope and the Papacy. She was given to the Church and the world at the dawn of the Black Plague in Europe and as the Catholic Church headed towards the Western Schism. After seeing Christ attired as the Pope in a mystical vision when she was six years old, Saint Catherine gave her life wholly to God. She was not called to be a nun or to marry. She spent her life as a single woman, wholly in service to Christ and His Church.

After rejecting her family's desire for her to marry her late sister's husband (she cut off her long hair in protest), she was able to retire for a time of solitude where she took Christ as her teacher. Pope Saint Paul VI, who declared her a Doctor of the Church in 1970, points out that she was thoroughly infused with Christ's Wisdom. Her charism was Wisdom.

At the age of 17, having been taught by Christ and with Wisdom infused in her by the Holy Spirit, she left her solitude to teach others in the world. She joined the Lay Dominicans (thus her Dominican habit and affiliation) and gathered around her a group of like minded friends who called her master.

At the age of 25, Saint Catherine started to correspond with the Italian leaders and the Pope. Her mission was to urge the Pope to return to Rome from Avignon. A fascinating history of the Papacy places Saint Catherine's mission in historical context.

She urged all to remain obedient to Pope Urban VI as the Western Schism broke out and other candidates claimed the role in the midst of political and worldly interests. Although Saint Catherine did not live to see the end of the Schism, she spent her life urging all to listen to the Church, to love and obey the Pope whom she saw as Christ on earth; she also suffered and prayed for souls and for the Church in a mystical life, imploring good for all, justice and love of the poor in 14th century society.

Saint Catherine of Siena is truly a Saint for our times and her message and teachings span time and history as she is held up as a Doctor of the Church. She is universal, for all.

Our new film about Saint Catherine of Siena will be released on DVD soon and also Instant Digital Download. Currently in production as of January 2023, we are working on editing and music and look forward to presenting the life and mission of Saint Catherine of Siena as part of our catalogue of Catholic films.

For more films about the Saints and Martyrs on DVD and Digital Download visit our website, Etsy shop, Ebay and find many of our DVDs on Amazon from Mary's Dowry. We also have most of our films available to download and watch instantly on all digital devices:


Wednesday 5 October 2022

Saints and Blesseds for October

We celebrate some inspiring Saints and Blesseds through the month of October. For Catholic devotional and informative films about many of these Saints we have more information here (posting worldwide) including Blessed Bartolo Longo, Saint Faustina, Saint Francis and more at Mary's Dowry Productions

Friday 12 August 2022

Saint Catherine of Siena, a summer 2022 filming day from Mary's Dowry Productions

Yesterday (August 11th), Mary's Dowry Productions spent several hours filming at Cissbury Ring in West Sussex. We used the sun scorched fields and hazy heat to capture our silent portrayal of one of the great Saints of the Universal Church, Saint Catherine of Siena. As always we like to use our local surroundings. The South Downs at this time of year work well for European settings. We decided to work on our film about Saint Catherine of Siena and capture our own imagery for our film.

This film will be told from Saint Catherine's point of view. A popular and quotable Saint, her life is of interest and inspiration. She remained a single laywoman all her life and in her later years joined the Dominicans as third order member. She is a mystic and a Doctor of the Church. She is renowned for her great love of the Papacy and of the figure of the Pope and had a special calling for the Church in her time.

Mystically, Saint Catherine is remembered for her many spiritual letters, her book The Dialogue, as well as bearing the stigmata and the Crown of Thorns. She was the only one who could see this, it was invisible to everyone else. She lived in the 14th Century and was of special importance to the Papacy. She carried out many missions entrusted to her by the pope, which was quite rare for a woman in the Middle Ages.

During her life, Saint Catherine sent numerous letters to princes and cardinals to promote obedience to the Pope, at that time, Pope Urban VI, and to defend what she calls the "vessel of the Church". After spending much of the middle of her life in silence and solitude, Saint Catherine was called by Christ to be among people. She travelled with her followers throughout northern and central Italy advocating reform of the clergy and advising people that repentance and renewal could be done through "the total love for God".

During our filming at Cissbury Ring, we had to walk down the steep hill from the Iron Age hillfort and into a wooded area. It was here that we discovered an area of trees and branches shaped like a Crown of Thorns. We used this for some imagery of Saint Catherine of Siena bearing her stigmata and Crown of Thorns.

Our film about Saint Catherine of Siena will be available soon from Mary's Dowry productions. Celebrate the lives and missions of the English Martyrs, Saints and Blesseds with the films of Mary's Dowry Productions - more here: Mary's Dowry Productions

“If you are what you should be, you will set the world ablaze.” - Saint Catherine of Siena

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Margery Kempe filming morning - New film

 Margery Kempe

This morning, Tuesday 1st February 2022, the Mary's Dowry Productions filming team went out on location to shoot footage for an upcoming film about Margery Kempe. Here are some screenshots from the filming morning.

We filmed for an hour and a half on location at Patching village once again, local to us, with its old church and grounds and walks and fields.

This enabled us to shoot some interesting shots of Margery Kempe travelling with her staff and pilgrim bag.

We also filmed her with one of her babies as on one pilgrimage she was pregnant and gave birth.

With the narration, written by Tony Triggs, for guidance, we were able to recreate various scenes and moments from Margery Kempe's life. Here she hears the sounds of bellows, which was the breathing of the Holy Spirit in her ears, as well as a bird singing joyfully in her right ear.

Margery Kempe was known for her displays of emotion and outbursts of prayer or sobs.

We filmed Margery Kempe with her baby walking on pilgrimage.

Margery Kempe also experienced mystical visions and ecstasies. We filmed these inside the church and outside the church.

Margery Kempe also saw devils. She was tormented by them and fought them off, as well as being dragged and pulled about them.

Thank you to our mum, Theresa, who did a wonderful job of portraying Margery Kempe.

We are pleased to now be able to make further progress with this film now we finally have the visuals to accompany the narration. This film will be made available from Mary's Dowry Productions website soon. Check back for more information and visit our website at: