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Saint Philomena, a new film of her life, with special thanks to the Universal Living Rosary Association

Our new film presenting the life of St. Philomena is now available on DVD worldwide through our online shop and AMAZON.  This is a contemplative, detailed and devotional look at one of the most powerful Saints of the Catholic Church.  With an open narrative looking at the discovery of St. Philomena's relics, we continue to an informative and fascinating account of Saint Philomena's life told from her own point of view.  The film concludes with a final narrative that explains about devotions to St. Philomena as recommended by Popes and Saints and her role as protectress of the Living Rosary Association.  Sacred art, historical imagery, a simple costumed visual, photographs, original music and narration make this an original and enjoyable way to learn about the great Grecian princess and Martyr Saint Philomena.
OUT NOW ON DVD at Amazon UK, Amazon COM and

Monday, 11 August 2014

On location at the Waterwise Garden, Worthing, St. Mildred of Thanet, Kent

St. Mildred of Thanet
Great, great granddaughter of King Ethelbert of Kent
Our lovely contemplative and informative film about St. Mildred of Thanet was filmed locally to Mary’s Dowry Productions in some interesting settings in Worthing, giving our lovely early British Saint some pleasing backdrops in which to walk, think and pray.  Here at Mary’s Dowry Productions we try to keep our films as simple, creative and local as possible, keen to share our local area of the South Downs, beaches, woodlands, history, nature and wildlife with our local and international viewers.  In ‘St. Mildred of Thanet’ you will see the great, great granddaughter of King Ethelbert of Kent, walk the pretty paths of Marine Gardens, contemplate the sacred Relic of the Nail in the Waterwise Gardens and stand on the coastal edge of Goring beach as she looks across to France.  The Waterwise garden was a location we wanted to use in one of our films about our early Saxon Saints due to the interesting wood sculptures that certainly have an ancient feel to them.  
Worthing's Waterwise Garden features in our film about
St. Mildred of Thanet
The new shingle garden was constructed on the Foreshore at West Parade in Worthing to highlight the need to water conservation during periods of reduced rainfall in the south east of the country.  The Waterwise gardens shows what can be achieved by gardeners using drought tolerant plants, many of which are characteristic of vegetated shingle and exhibit adaptations to conserve scarce water in this extreme environment.  The project cost £50,000 and was funded by a partnership between Worthing Borough Council’s seafront improvement budget and Southern Water. 
St. Mildred of Thanet in the gardens at the Abbey of Cheles
Filmed at Marine Gardens, Worthing
It was a little more tricky using the lovely Marine Gardens in the film but we managed to acquire a selection of lovely visuals to blend with sacred art, creative and striking paintings and footage of nature.   A small neat ornamental garden on the seafront laid out in 1930, this seafront site has a cafĂ©, pavilion, bowling green, putting green, ornamental gardens and a pond with public conveniences including disabled facilities.  Here in this shot you can see Saint Mildred, studying in the ‘Abbey of Chelles’, filmed in Marine Gardens.  St. Mildred’s story is full of history and faith and includes miracles, relics, devotion, a dramatic escape, prayer, virtue and some lovely original music to accompany the narrative and the visuals.  The film has been broadcast free recently in New York through Telecare and we received some excellent feedback from delighted viewers. 
St. Mildred of Thanet DVD
Her life in film available through our online shop and Amazon
St. Mildred of Thanet is available on DVD through our online shop and AMAZON.   In practically all of our films we use a blend of simple costumed portrayals, historical imagery, sacred art, original music and detailed, informative narration to present the lives of the Saints.  This is not a ‘movie’ produced for entertainment neither is it purely a documentary, it is a creative way to learn the life of Saint Mildred of Thanet through film.  OUT NOW!

St. Bega, a film of her life, Irish Princess, Virgin, Saint, St. Begh

Irish princess, St. Bega
Mary's Dowry Productions
In 7th century Ireland there lived an Irish princess named Bega. Despite being born into a privileged family, Bega’s heart and soul were drawn completely to God. Her family were Christians and Bega had been instructed in the Roman Catholic Faith which she loved and accepted with deep joy and faith. St. Bega decided that a little corner of the earth where she could be alone without any company but her crucifix was more desirable to her than the palaces of kings. So it was that Bega went away from the crowd and meditated deeply upon the life of Jesus, especially His Hidden Life in Nazareth. Thus begins our film presenting the delightful, inspiring and enjoyable biography of St. Bega of Bees currently in production. We filmed some original contemplative visuals in the absorbing natural beauty of the South Downs close to us, especially Cissbury Ring where St. Bega walked the paths and hills, absorbed in meditation.  In our film, St. Bega’s journey unfolds as she decides to flee Ireland and cross the sea to England in order to escape an arranged marriage. 
St. Bega's bracelet
Mary's Dowry Productions
She had a special love for the Blessed Virgin Mary and guided by Our Lady, through a special inspiration, St. Bega consecrated herself completely to Our Lord and made a private vow of her virginity to Jesus.  St. Bega received from an Angel a special bracelet marked with the sign of the Cross as a symbol of her consecration to Christ. God alone had created Bega’s heart and He created it for Himself alone, therefore St. Bega asked God to be its master.  St. Bega stood upon the beach and besought God to assist her to cross the Irish Sea and find refuge and solitude in England. Since there were no ships or vessels to give her travel the Lord heard the prayer of his servant. St. Bega was inspired to cut a section of turf from the ground which she placed upon the waters of the sea. She stepped upon it and floated miraculously upon the turf across the Irish Sea where she landed at St. Bees on the Cumbrian coast, then a part of the Kingdom of Northumbria.  There St. Bega lived a holy life of solitude until pirates forced her to seek a different location in order to protect her purity.  St. Bega’s whole life was a preparation for a holy death for she knew that she would leave all material and earthly things behind, taking with her one thing only, the good things that she did for the Lord in this life. How could a virgin who had belonged to God alone be afraid at the moment of death? How could a person who had never sought consolation and happiness save in God, who had never had any ambition but to become ever more acceptable to him, be fearful in that hour?  St. Bega’s detachment and scorn for this world’s goods caused her heart to be free to fly to her Lord God. She saw in Jesus a kind and merciful father. St. Bega had her lamp trimmed and ready and was not afraid to hear the words: The bridegroom is coming; go out to meet Him. So it was that full of hope and trusting in God, St. Bega died a holy death in the 7th Century. 
St. Bega of Bees
Mary's Dowry Productions
In our film you will see a blend of imagery flowing beneath the narrative of her life.  The simple costumed visuals of St. Bega mix with historical paintings, sacred art, footage of nature and more while the narrative gives a devotional, detailed and interesting presentation of this lovely early Saint.  COMING SOON.
Mary's Dowry Productions is a family run Catholic Film Production apostolate based in West Sussex, England, established in 2007.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

St. Margaret Ward at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton

St. Margaret Ward, an Elizabethan English Martyr
has a great love for the Mass
St. Margaret Ward was born in Chester in Elizabethan England. Tragically her life and martyrdom remains little known and yet St. Margaret Ward’s biography is a stirring and interesting part of Catholic history. In this half an hour presentation we meet this Elizabethan young woman whose deep love of Christ and the Mass and her profound respect for the office of the Catholic priesthood saw her undertake daring visits to Bridewell prison, smuggling in rope to assist in a tortured priest’s escape. She was caught, arrested, scourged and imprisoned, eventually executed by order of Queen Elizabeth I for upholding the outlawed Catholic faith in England and refusing to deny the church. A beautiful blend of historical paintings, maps and imagery combine with footage of nature and historical locations with a selection of simple yet effective costumed visuals of this lovely English Martyr. We spent an interesting morning back in 2010 filming a selection of costumed visuals at ‘The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum’ near Chichester in West Sussex. 
St. Margaret Ward
Filmed on location at Bayleaf Farmstead, Chichester
The interior shown in this screenshot was filmed inside ‘Bayleaf Farmstead’ which is a 15th-16th century building with furnishings.  You will see St. Margaret Ward studying maps of London and the area to plan her work visiting the local persecuted Catholics, as well as sewing scapulars and rosaries and praying.  We also filmed in the meadows and fields of the open air museum and around Poplar cottage where the birds flew in and out the opened windows during the shoot.  Additional scenes were filmed on location at English Martyrs Catholic Church in Goring-by-Sea where a set in the ‘barn’ hall was constructed for Bridewell prison interiors.  All of these costumed visuals and footage run beneath the narrative which has St. Margaret Ward tell her story, combined with additional visuals of historical maps, paintings and relevant artwork.  We have filmed on location at the Weald and Downland Museum for several of our productions over the past seven years.  Our film about St. Margaret Ward is not a ‘movie’ produced for entertainment neither is it purely a biographical documentary, this is a creative way to learn the life of St. Margaret Ward with visual aids to help the narrative flow.

What you will hear:
The life of St. Margaret Ward in a narrative for the whole length of the film told from her own point of view. She will tell you her story. Original music to accompany the narrative.
What you will see:
Historical images, maps, footage of historical houses including effectively used locations such as Singleton near Chichester and Parham House; sacred art, devotional art; simple costumed visuals of St. Margaret Ward to help aid the narrative.
The film runs for 30 minutes.
Target Audience:
The film is suitable for all ages, aimed mainly at Catholics with an understanding of the Faith and an appreciation for the spiritual life. This film has had excellent feedback and is popular on EWTN.
The producers:
Mary’s Dowry Productions was established in 2007. The films presenting the lives of the Saints and Martyrs of the Church provide original and simple ways to share the stories and words of these heroic examples of the Faith.
St. Margaret Ward is available on Region Free DVD worldwide.

St. Helen and the True Cross, an film from Mary's Dowry Productions

St Helen and the True Cross
Mary's Dowry Productions
There are several modern theories given today as to where St. Helen, mother of the Emperor Constantine was born, but the 12th Century Welsh chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth and the 12th Century English historian Henry of Huntington, both men closer to the time frame of St. Helen, tell us that St. Helen was born in Britain.  St. Helen was an English princess, the daughter of King Coel who was King of Essex and Hertfordshire. Since she had no siblings and no brothers to inherit the throne of Britain, St. Helen was raised in the manner of a future queen.  Her manner was gentle and modest and she knew that she was called to undertake a great role in the world. Perhaps she supposed that this role was fulfilled when she married the future Roman Emperor Constantius, but God had a greater task for the young Empress, one that would impact not only the material world, but the spiritual world too, for St. Helen would be the one chosen by Our Lord to recover the precious relic of the True Cross of Christ. and Amazon.  It is due to be released in 2014.
St Helen, Empress and mother of Caesar Constantine 
Our film on the life and mission of St. Helen, mother of the Emperor Constantine, not only looks at this wonderful Catholic Saint, but also at the history of the Church in the early centuries with simple detail and devotion.  You will see some simple, contemplative visuals of St. Helen which we acquired on a beautiful sunny morning up at the ancient hill-fort of Cissbury Ring near Findon, a location close to us at Mary’s Dowry Productions (see a few posts before for a little information on Cissbury Ring if you are not already familiar with it).  You will also see some relevant and abstract art, Sacred Art, historical imagery and maps, beautiful paintings and more as you hear the life of St. Helen and her search for the True Cross in the historical context of the great events of the 4th Century. 
This film is available on DVD worldwide through
Amazon UK and Amazon COM

St. Bede, England's Doctor of the Church, his works, words and life, a new film out now

St. Bede - England's Doctor of the Church
Mary's Dowry Productions
“For if history records good things of good men, the thoughtful hearer is encouraged to imitate what is good; or if it records evil of wicked men, the good religious listener or reader is encouraged to avoid all that is sinful and perverse and to follow what he knows to be good and pleasing to God.” – St. Bede, England’s Doctor of the Church.
Our new contemplative, informative and simple biographical film on the life of St. Bede is now available on DVD worldwide through our online shop: and AMAZON.  This is a lovely and interesting way to enjoy an overall presentation of St. Bede with quotes in his own words interspersed throughout the narrative.  A selection of contemplative portrayals assist the flow of the narrative combined with historical artwork, imagery and relevant photographs.  The viewer/listener will especially delve simply into St. Bede’s most famous work: The Ecclesiastical History of the English People.  This is not a ‘movie’ but a simple and creative way to enjoy the life of St. Bede, accessible to all.  Buy it now on DVD.

Dr Who, Cybermen, St. Henry Morse, the priest of the plague - a film new about an English Martyr


‘St. Henry Morse: The Priest of the Plague’, a famous Jesuit priest of 17th Century England, is looked at in our new film of his life, available worldwide on DVD.  He has a fascinating and important story that is tied to the history of England.  This brave man responded to the call of Christ once he had converted from the State Religion and left England to train abroad to become a Catholic priest.  The Catholic Church and Christian Faith had been attacked by Protestants since Henry VIII left the Catholic Faith and established his own Church of England, one that he could control and guide, declaring himself its head.  The former Catholic King created his own bishops, thus breaking the line of Apostolic Succession in this new Church.  Men such as Henry Morse, raised in the State religion yet responding to God’s grace, risked their lives to convert to the Catholic Faith and he, like many, became a priest, determined to return to his homeland and bring the outlawed Sacraments to the faithful Catholics of England, reconciling many Protestants to the Catholic Church as well. 
St. Henry Morse - filmed on location at
The Sistine Chapel Reproductions, Worthing
One of the lesser known of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales, Saint Henry Morse left us such a great witness to the Catholic Faith in England during persecution and some important words, especially his last speech at the gallows.  While he was training for the priesthood in Rome, St. Henry Morse worked as a tour guide, showing English visitors around the more famous parts of the City.  We saw this as an opportunity to include our world famous copy of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling painted by Gary Bevans (father of Mary’s Dowry Productions founders) as a double for the one in Rome which St. Henry Morse would have perhaps guided people around in the 17th Century.  For most of our films on the lives of the English Martyrs we film simple costumed scenes in ‘the barn’ attached to our parish church of the English Martyrs, Goring.  We have found this very useful when there is a great lack of historical imagery and paintings relating to the English Martyrs, so we create ‘moving pictures’ of vital moments in their story to run beneath the narrative, combined with sacred art, maps and other imagery relating to the era, using costumed characters in relevant settings.  St. Henry Morse laboured throughout England for many years, staying for some time at a Catholic Mass centre in the north run by Dorothy Lawson known as St. Anthony’s.  For this location we used the Hiorne Tower in Arundel Park, a location close to us.  We have filmed this interesting folly for several other productions and it always works well as it is a solitary structure with a mysterious atmosphere well suited to the contemplative, historical moods of our films. 
The Cybermen at
The Hiorne Tower, Arundel
The Hiorne Tower is actually a triangular shaped folly situated in Arundel Park close to Arundel Castle.  The tower was built during the eighteenth century by Francis Hiorne for the then Duke of Norfolk; it is unusual as it is named after the architect and not the owner.  The Duke was actually looking for an architect to rebuild the castle and designing the folly was a test, though Hiorne died shortly after its completion.  The Hiorne tower is located on a very steep hill overlooking Swanbourne Lake, and it is also said in local folklore to be haunted.  It is believed that a young woman climbed the tower and threw herself from the top.  Her ghost has been seen on moonlight nights at the top of the tower looking out over the car park, presumably searching for her lost love.  Sometimes the sound of ghostly canons can be heard and the ghost of a cavalier named the Blue Man has been spotted by keen ghost hunters in the vicinity.  The Hiorne Tower was also used in an episode of Doctor Who, the 1988 episode ‘Silver Nemesis’ featuring the Cybermen.  We always imagine seeing the Cybermen when we are up there filming!  It is great to be able to feature this interesting local building in our films and in ‘St. Henry Morse: Priest of the Plague’ you will notice it doubling as the exterior shot for ‘St. Anthony’s Hall’.  But St. Henry Morse is most famous for ministering to the London plague victims of 1636 with fellow English Martyr St. John Southworth.  We recreated several scenes to run beneath the narration for the plague scenes.  These shots include Plague Doctors approaching infected houses and visiting victims of the dreaded disease. 
The Plague Doctor
An excellent Steampunk Plague Doctor came in very useful for this part of the film!  St. Henry Morse carried a white stick to show all he passed that he himself visited plague victims.  He was given a list of 400 families infected and since Catholics were considered as non-persons at that time they were ignored and abandoned by the government doctors and physicians.  A group of Catholic doctors assisted St. Henry Morse and St. John Southworth in their work among the Catholics.  St. Henry Morse contracted the plague himself but miraculously recovered so as to continue his work among the sick.  He was hunted, captured, imprisoned, arrested and exiled many times but always returned to England to continue his work for the people and the Church.  Finally, the Jesuit priest was sentenced to death at the Tyburn gallows in 1643.  His last words resound down the timeline of England to today, both appropriate and relevant for he said while at the gallows: “The kingdom of England will never be truly blessed until it returns to the Catholic faith and its subjects are all united in one belief under the Bishop of Rome.” He ended by saying: “I pray that my death may be some kind of atonement for the sins of this kingdom.” Then he said his prayers and asked that the cap be pulled over his eyes; beat his breast three times, giving the signal to a priest in the crowd to impart absolution. He then said: “Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.”
St Henry Morse: The Priest of the Plague
Mary's Dowry Productions
After he was dead his body was torn open, his heart removed, his entrails burned and body quartered. In accordance with the custom that followed executions, his head was exposed on London Bridge and his quartered body was mounted on the city’s four gates.  St. Henry Morse was 50 years old at the time of his martyrdom. He was canonised along with 39 other English Martyrs by Pope Paul IV in 1970. Our film of his life runs for half an hour and gives a detailed layout of his whole journey, mission and Martyrdom. It is not a ‘movie’ produced for entertainment, neither is it purely a documentary but a creative way to learn his story using historical images, costumed visuals, maps, footage of nature, relevant imagery, narration, original music and more.
   Visit our website and AMAZON for full listings of our DVDs on the Saints and Martyrs.

St. Anthony of Padua, a film from Mary's Dowry Productions, Patron Saint of Lost Articles, Wonder-Worker

St. Anthony of Padua - screenshot from a film by
Mary's Dowry Productions
The popular wonder-working Saint of the Catholic Church, Saint Anthony of Padua, is presented in a new film from Mary’s Dowry Productions, offering a peaceful, informative, contemplative, detailed and devotional look at his whole life with our usual blend of simple costumed portrayal, historical art and imagery, footage of nature and relevant photographs.  Although there is an excellent amount of resources available on Saint Anthony of Padua we have been asked many times to produce a film on his life so our DVD looks in simple detail at this wonderful Saint who has left such an excellent example in his words and his life.  We filmed some simple, contemplative visuals for our production in our local area as usual, making use of our fortunate location near the beauty of the South Downs, local villages and the seaside.  In our film of Saint Anthony of Padua we see him walking the fields of Italy and reading, praying and thinking in the districts of Padua, Sicily and other places he is linked to, mixed with beautiful Sacred art, photographs of places associated with him and historical imagery beneath the narrative and original music.  To present our imagery of the Saint we have used the hills, fields and woods of the Southern slops of the South Downs in Patching, a village that has a visible hill-workings history going back to before the Doomsday survey of 1086-7.  It is crossed by the Monarch’s Way, a long-distance footpath marking the supposed route of Charles II’s flight to France in 1651. We have used the beauty of Patching in many of our other films such as our productions on St. Francis of Assisi and Kateri Tekakwitha.  Like these, St. Anthony of Padua is available on DVD through our online shop at and AMAZON. 
The film will be available upon completion in 2014.

A film about St. Bertha, Queen of Kent, upcoming film in production

St. Bertha: Queen of Kent - Mary's Dowry Productions
We have been busy this past month filming visuals for some new productions on the lives of some of our early Saints.  Our film about St. Bertha: Queen of Kent is currently underway.
St. Bertha’s story begins in 7th Century Paris, France. The daughter of King Charibert I, she was a devout Catholic princess, descended from the holy Saint Clothide, wife to King Clovis I, considered to be the founder of the Merovingian Dynasty.  King Charibert I however lived in excess and sin and his immoral behaviour resulted in his being excommunicated from the Catholic Church.  When Charibert first became King of Paris he married his daughter to the pagan English King Ethelbert of Kent. King Ethelbert was the third king to hold imperium over the Anglo Saxon kingdoms. Raids on Britain by continental peoples had developed into full-scale migrations by the 5th Century. The newcomers are known to have included Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Frisians, and there is evidence of other groups as well. These groups captured territory in the east and south of England but at the end of the fifth century, a British victory at the battle of Mount Badon halted the Anglo-Saxon advance for fifty years. Beginning at about the year 550, however, the British began to lose ground once more, and within twenty-five years it appears that control of almost all of southern England was in the hands of the invaders.
St. Bertha married King Ethelbert of Kent - Mary's Dowry Productions
King Ethelbert’s marriage to Bertha connected the two Royal courts, although not as equals: the Franks would have thought of King Ethelbert as an under-king but the marriage would have forged useful bonds between the Kingdoms.  King Ethelbert permitted his new wife St. Bertha to practice the Christian Faith when she took up residence within his palace. So it was that St. Bertha arrived in Kent with the Catholic Bishop Liudhard as her private confessor.  King Ethelbert was immediately struck by St. Bertha’s disposition and with her he restored a Catholic church in Canterbury, which dated from Roman times, and the Bishop dedicated it to Saint Martin of Tours. It became St. Bertha’s private chapel where Bishop Liudhard offered daily the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  In the chapel St. Bertha spent time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and gave a good example of holiness, simplicity and devotion to her pagan husband with whom she had a good relationship.  It was about that time that Pope St. Gregory the Great decided to send a group of missionaries to England to preach the Gospel to the English people. The native Britons had converted to Christianity under Roman rule but the Anglo-Saxon invasions had separated the British church from European Christianity for centuries, so the church in Rome had no presence or authority in Britain, and the Universal Church knew so little about the British church that it was unaware of the unique developments of certain Celtic customs such as the erroneous dating of Easter.  Queen Bertha and King Ethelbert welcomed Saint Augustine and this incredibly important time in history is looked at in simple detail in our film. Saint Bertha’s influence in the Kentish court was instrumental in the success of St. Augustine of Canterbury’s mission in 597. St. Augustine of Canterbury owed much of his favourable reception to the influence of Bertha.
St. Bertha welcomed St. Augustine of Canterbury to England
Without her support, monastic settlements and the great Roman Catholic cathedral of Canterbury would likely have developed elsewhere.  So it is that we see King Ethelbert convert to Catholicism and St. Bertha’s continued example of holiness, fairness and devotion, where she helped share the Truths of the Faith with her English subjects.  Visuals for our film ‘St. Bertha: Queen of Kent’ were filmed locally to Mary’s Dowry Productions, up on Cissbury Ring in Findon, West Sussex, the largest hillfort in Sussex and the second largest in England. Our local folklore tells how Cissbury Ring was formed when the Devil tried to dig a hole in the South Downs to allow the sea to flood the Sussex Weald and all its churches.  As the devil dug out Devil’s Dyke, clods of earth fell to the ground forming Cissbury, Chanctonbury, Rackham Hill and Mount Caburn.  We have filmed visuals for many of our films up at Cissbury Ring, the fortifications of which date back to the beginning of the Middle Iron-Age possibly around 250 BC but abandoned in the period 50 BC – 50 AD.  The film presents a blend of simple, contemplative costumed visuals in the English countryside, sacred art, historical imagery and more to give a creative and enjoyable way to absorb the fascinating and important story of one of our great early British Saints: Queen Bertha of Kent. 
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Saint Piran, Saint of Cornwall, St. Buriana, DVD film of his life, out now

Our film presenting the life of Saint Piran is now available worldwide on DVD priced at £10 through our online shop and AMAZON UK and AMAZON COM.
Featuring a selection of footage, photographs, artwork, a costumed visual of St. Piran and St. Buriana, this is a creative and enjoyable way to learn the story of St. Piran of Cornwall.
See our website for more information:

Saturday, 19 July 2014

St. Piran of Cornwall, an upcoming film of his life

Our upcoming production on St. Piran of Cornwall enjoyed a simple filming day on the shores of England and the little woods on the edge of the beaches this week.  St. Piran has a delightful biography which will be presented in a visual story with a simple and contemplative portrayal, historical images and art, relevant photographs and footage of nature to run beneath a simple, detailed narrative that tells his whole story.  St. Piran is currently in production with his visuals completed.  We shall be filming a portrayal of St. Buriana who travelled to Cornwall with St. Piran from Ireland to complete the visuals required for our film.  Think of our visuals as moving paintings that run beneath a gentle yet informative biographical narrative.  This is not a ‘movie’ but a creative way to enjoy the story of St. Piran of Cornwall.  Because we love to look at nature in our films we enjoyed filming the rockpools and sea during our filming day.  This looks like it will be a peaceful and interesting DVD.  St. Piran will be released in August 2014.  COMING SOON from

Monday, 23 June 2014

Saint Bede Filming Day

"For if history records good things of good men, the thoughtful hearer is encouraged to imitate what is good; or if it records evil of wicked men, the good religious listener or reader is encouraged to avoid all that is sinful and perverse and to follow what he knows to be good and pleasing to God." - Saint Bede, England's Doctor of the Church.
Our new film presenting the life of Saint Bede began production today with an hour and a half spent filming in Sussex.  A selection of simple visuals were filmed in beautiful Sussex scenery which we use to help the narrative overlay flow well with combined visuals of Sacred art, historical paintings, maps and relevant photographs, footage of scenery and relevant locations.  Visuals include imagery of Saint Bede reading, praying, writing and contemplating.  The film will have a lot of interesting information in a simple style presenting the life of this great Englishman. 
Coming soon from Mary's Dowry Productions.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Protecting the Mass - the English Martyrs

The Priest-Hole Maker - the Jesuit hero - St. Nicholas Owen

Saint Nicholas Owen: The life of the famous priest-hole maker and English Martyr St. Nicholas Owen is presented in a visual story using historical, symbolic and relevant artwork, imagery, footage of nature and costumed visuals. This 30 minute film gives a simplified biographical representation of this English Martyr especially for those who have not heard of him. The details, facts and records are taken from various readily available biographical sources and represented in his own words; the narrative is from his point of view and begins with St. Nicholas Owen’s early life taking the viewer/listener through his whole journey, focussing especially upon his spirituality and Catholic Faith. This is not a ‘movie’ produced for entertainment neither is it purely a biographical documentary, this is a creative and simplified way to learn the life and spirituality of St. Nicholas Owen with visual aids to help the narrative flow.

What you will hear:

The narrative of St. Nicholas Owen’s life and spirituality written and spoken from his own point of view for the whole length of the film. Original music to accompany the narrative.

What you will see:
Historical paintings, maps and artwork; footage of nature, historical houses and items to aid the style and era; simplified costumed visuals of St. Nicholas Owen, his family, the Jesuits, his life and mission in simple settings presented to aid the narrative.
The film runs for 30 minutes.
Target Audience:
The film is suitable for all ages, aimed mainly at Catholics with an understanding of the Faith and an appreciation for the spiritual life. This film was produced to present the life of this Martyr to those who may never have heard of him and his inspiring mission. The film has proven excellent for use in parishes and classrooms with very positive feedback. It has been broadcast globally on EWTN.
The producers:
Mary’s Dowry Productions was established in 2007. The films presenting the lives of the Saints and Martyrs of the Church provide original and simple ways to share the stories and words of these heroic examples of the Faith.


St. Nicholas Owen is available on Region Free DVD worldwide.Region Free DVD available through and AMAZON.

Saint Anne Line - Shakespeare's muse on DVD.

Saint Anne Line:

A 30 minute film presenting the life of English Martyr Saint Anne Line using historical, symbolic and relevant artwork, imagery, footage of nature and costumed visuals.  This original film gives a biographical representation of one of our lesser known English Martyr’s using details, facts and records taken from various readily available biographical sources on her life.  Saint Anne Line was raised a Calvinist in Elizabethan England but converted with her brother to the outlawed Catholic Faith.  She married fellow Catholic Roger Line and their poignant story is believed to be the theme of Shakespeare’s poem ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’.  After Roger’s exile and death the young widowed Saint Anne Line worked with Fr. John Gerard to hide hunted Catholic priests and arranged outlawed Masses.  She was eventually arrested for this and executed at the Tyburn gallows.  As a young English woman with a deep love of the Catholic faith she is an inspiration for Catholic women and girls.  The film takes the viewer/listener through St. Anne Line’s whole journey, focussing especially upon her spirituality and deep love of the Catholic Faith and the Passion of Our Lord.  The narrative is taken from various biographical documents and accounts and represented in her own words.  This is not a ‘movie’ produced for entertainment neither is it purely a biographical documentary, this is a creative way to learn the life and spirituality of St. Anne Line with visual aids to help the narrative flow. 

What you will hear:

The life of Saint Anne Line in a narrative representing her own words for the whole length of the film.  Original music to accompany the narrative.

What you will see:

Historical paintings, maps and artwork; footage of nature, historical houses and items to aid the style and era; simplified costumed visuals of St. Anne Line, her family, her husband, Fr. John Gerard, Fr. Mark Barkworth and recusant Catholics, her life and mission in simple settings presented to aid the narrative.


The film runs for 30 minutes.

Target Audience:

The film is suitable for all ages, aimed mainly at Catholics with an understanding of the Faith and an appreciation for the spiritual life.  The film has proven excellent for use in parishes and classrooms with very positive feedback.

The producers:

Mary’s Dowry Productions was established in 2007.  The films presenting the lives of the Saints and Martyrs of the Church provide original and simple ways to share the stories and words of these heroic examples of the Faith.


St. Anne Line is available on Region Free DVD worldwide from and AMAZON.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Blessed Francisco Marto

Francisco of Fatima's short but heroic life is looked at in careful detail in our film available on DVD by Mary's Dowry Productions.

Making movies of the Martyrs

Making movies of the English Martyrs and Catholic Saints in England by the Mary's Dowry Productions team - a group of young Catholics dedicated to providing an original way of learning these fantastic and inspiring biographies.
Visit our website for new film releases on DVD available worldwide:
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Friday, 18 April 2014

St John Southworth, a new film on his life, priest and English Martyr, Westminster's priest

Saint John Southworth worked with Saint Henry Morse during the 1635 plague outbreak in London. 
Our new film presents his whole life in careful detail touching upon this interesting and inspiring part of our English Martyr's ministry.
Available now on DVD worldwide, Saint John Southworth gives a detailed, prayerful and careful look at the priest of Westminster using a selection of careful portrayals, sacred art, historical imagery and information.
One of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales, Saint John Southworth's biography comes alive in this new film from Mary's Dowry Productions.
Saint John Southworth on DVD at our ONLINE SHOP
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Bringing to life the inspiring and relevant lives of the Martyrs of England and Wales.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Saint Bede, England's Doctor of the church, a film of his life

We will be working on a new film which will present the life of Saint Bede this year (2014).
Saint Bede is known as the Father of English History and is also England's Doctor of the Church.
We have been asked many times to produce a film about Saint Bede so will be working on his lovely story this year and hope to release it soon.
Simple visuals will blend with paintings, historical documents, artwork, maps and footage of the English countryside he loved so much.
The film will include a detailed yet accessible look at his life and works as well as quotes of his which always give reflection and thought.
Meanwhile, visit our online shop for similar films:
Saint Wilfrid: the Apostle of Sussex
Saint Cuthman of Steyning
DVDs are available worldwide through our online shop, Amazon COM and Amazon UK.

Plague priest, a film about Saint Henry Morse, English Martyr, Jesuit priest

The plague priest, Saint Henry Morse, has a fascinating story of bravery in 1635 London.
Mary's Dowry Productions film about the Priest of the Plague is due for release soon!
Known as the Priest of the Plague due to his work with the persecuted English Catholics and plague victims during the 1630's plague epidemic, this Jesuit priest is a wonderful example of faith and determination during difficult times.
He worked with fellow English Martyr Saint John Southworth (OUT NOW) but also had a heroic mission of his own, finding himself hunted, captured, arrested and exiled many times during his work in England as he worked to bring the outlawed Sacraments to the faithful. 
He was finally imprisoned and executed at Tyburn in 1645 leaving us an inspiring testimony relevant for England today.
Other films on the lives of the English Martyrs include:
Saint Edmund Arrowsmith
Saint Richard Gwyn
Saint Edmund Gennings
and many more.

Saint Mildred of Thanet, a film about the Fairest Lily of the English

Saint Mildred, the fairest Lily of the English.
Our film sharing the life of Anglo Saxon princess and Abbess Saint Mildred is now available on DVD worldwide through our online shop and AMAZON. 
Saint Mildred is an obscure English Saint but her story is lovely and also exciting.
She was the great, great granddaughter of King Ethelbert of Kent, that holy King who received Saint Augustine of Canterbury and the Catholic Faith into England.  She was sent to France to study and there suffered at the hands of a temperamental Abbess who had designs on Saint Mildred for her nephew Sir Claude.  There was a miraculous escape from a roaring oven and a flight to a ship while bearing the holy Relic of one of the Nail's used in the crucifixion.  When she stepped off of her mother's ship once back in England she left her footprint in the rock and it was kept as a relic for centuries.
As usual we have provided some original visuals to blend with beautiful paintings, scenery, historical documents, maps etc... so as to tell Saint Mildred's life in film.
She at one time outshone Saint Augustine himself in England due to the English people's love of her.  We are pleased to be able to refresh interest in one of our lovely Catholic Saints of England by providing an easy way to encounter her story which we hope will help many.
Other films available that are similar to our film about Saint Mildred are:
Saint Etheldreda
Saint Winifred and her Well.
These are available from our online shop, Amazon UK and Amazon Com.
Check back for updates.

Saint Mildred at Mary's Dowry Productions ONLINE SHOP
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Monday, 10 February 2014

Holy Spirit of Tranquility, a new Christian CD album

The Spirit music series blends instruments and sounds to create a relaxing and reflective mood which is both uplifting and meditative. Perfect as background music, or for chilling out, for becoming lost in thought or to absorb yourself in the tunes. Using guitars, piano, Celtic harps, ancient strings and ethnic flutes and pads blending with subtle sounds of nature and the forest the original tracks will help unwind and calm.
Track 1 - Better One Handful with Tranquility (7:09) Track 2 - The Lord Gives a Tranquil Heart (4:52) Track 3 - Speak to Calm this Tossing Sea, Stayed in Thy Tranquility(3:11) Track 4 - A Still and Tranquil Mind is No Small Gift (5:02) Track 5 - The Beautiful Tranquility of Solitude With the Spirit (4:07) Track 6 - Come Holy Spirit, Spirit of Tranquility (2:54) Track 7 - He Brings Tranquility, Beyond Human Comprehension (5:43) Track 8 - In the Light of God's Tranquility (4:31) Track 9 - Comforted With Tranquility (4:38) Track 10 - At the Feet of Jesus She Found Her Tranquility (5:21).
Available from our ONLINE SHOP
Bernadette Bevans has been writing music since the age of fourteen. Specialising in writing music as underscore to film and narrative, Bernadette uses her gift for music to compose all of the soundtracks in our films and has been compiling original albums for many years available from our online shop. Many of these include ancient English fusion music such as the early albums Lands, Journeys, Dreams and many more. Recently the Spirit Series was inspired as a much more reflective and background type style and has been enjoyed by many for help in classrooms, for meditation and for chilling out on the train to work.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Saint Don Bosco, Saint John Bosco short film

An easy way to discover the life and mission of Saint John Bosco is in a short detailed film as part of our series 'Well-Known Saints'.
Well Known Saint Volume Five includes a mini-movie about this great Saint of the Church and gives a handy and inspiring presentation of his life.
Used in Confirmation classes, schools, parishes or for personal use our Well Known Saints series is available through Amazon UK and Amazon COM and through our online shop.
Out now.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Saint Hildegard of Bingham, Saint Philomena, Saint John Vianney, Saint Juan Diego, Saint Margaret of Scotland, Saint John of the Cross and Saint Anthony of the Desert all feature in a NEW DVD release for 2014

Volume SIX of our popular Well Known Saints DVD series, great for use in Confirmation classes, giving a short, inspiring biographical film of seven popular Saints on one DVD.
Volume Six tells the lives of:
Saint John Vianney
Saint Juan Diego
Saint Philomena
Saint Margaret of Scotland
Saint Hildegard of Bingham
Saint Anthony of the Desert
Saint John of the Cross.
Each mini movie has a punchy, catchy original soundtrack to suit each theme of the Saint's life which adds to the interest of each fascinating and inspiring journey.
Available through

Saint Gemma Galgani, Saint John of Avila, Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Rita, Saint Christopher and Saint John Bosco

Saint Gemma Galgani and six more popular Saints are looked at in a NEW DVD release from our popular 'Well Known Saints' DVD series continued with Volume 5 telling the lives of the Saints in short, inspiring, biographical films.
VOLUME FIVE tells the lives of:
Saint Louis Marie de Montfort
Saint Don Bosco
Saint Gemma
Saint John of Avila
Saint Christopher
Saint Rita
Saint Mary Magdalene
OUT NOW available through our online shop, Amazon UK and Amazon COM

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Jesuits, priest holes, Topcliffe, Tyburn, the Lives of the English Martyrs, an Inside Look at Mary's Dowry Productions

The English Martyrs and bringing their lives to film - here is a new documentary that runs for 60 minutes giving a detailed look at Mary's Dowry Productions.  With interviews, film clips, making of, behind the scenes, music, media and more.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

St. Simon Stock and the Brown Scapular, Feast day May 16th, Carmelite friar, 13th Century England

A great way to get to know the life of St. Simon Stock and the Brown Scapular is through our film on this inspiring Carmelite friar of 13th Century England.
This little film combines beautiful film footage of the countryside of England, especially Kent, stunning sacred art in a variety of historical paintings, a little simple silent portrayal of Saint Simon Stock in typical English settings, quotes from Saints such as St. Therese of Lisieux about the importance of the Brown Scapular and Pope John Paul II, the importance of this Sacramental plus much more; a particularly good resource for schools, Confirmation classes, parishes and families.
The film is available worldwide on DVD through Mary's Dowry Productions.
Saint Simon Stock is one of our great English Saints and the Shrine at Ayelsford in Kent is one of the few remaining Shrines to Our Lady in England.
The history and Catholicism that shines out of St. Simon Stock's great life is in need of rediscovery one more today.  Our film about St. Simon Stock is a useful way to encounter the life of our English Saint and encourage the devotional wearing of the Brown Scapular which was given to us from Our Lady.  St. Simon Stock - pray for us!
Mary's Dowry Productions was established in 2007 and produces original and inspiring films about the lives of the Saints, especially the English Martyrs and the Saints of England.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Prayer for England, Mary's Dowry - druing the 1893 Dedication of England to the Mother of God.

Prayer of the Bishops of England and Wales in 1893 during the ceremony of the Dedication of England to the Mother of God, the last part of which (from the let us pray) is taken from an 8th century prayer found in the Book of Cerne which belonged to Ethelwald, Bishop of Sherbourne, AD 760:


O Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Mother of Grace, and Queen of the Kingdom of Thy Son!

Humbly kneeling before thee, we offer thee this country in which we live!

It was once thine.

Before it was robbed of the Holy Faith, all its children were thy children and thou wert honoured throughout its length and breadth as its Protectress and its Queen.

Again do we consecrate it to thee; again do we dedicate it as thy own Dowry.

We offer our own hearts, that their love and service may ever grow and increase.

We offer all our brethren – those multitudes who know thee so little – or know thee not at all.

May thy prayer bring back the country’s ancient Faith!

May thy intercession lead us to a closer union with thy Divine Son.

We consecrate ourselves to Him through thee.

Obtain for us, and for England, Thy Dowry, every grace and blessing, O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray:

Holy Mother of God, Virgin ever blest, O Mary Immaculate, pray for us, intercede for us, disdain not to help us.  For we are all confident and know for certain that thou canst obtain all thou willest from thy Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty, the King of Ages, Who liveth with the Father and the Holy Ghost, for ever and ever, Amen.


Friday, 12 April 2013

English Martyr, St. Edmund Arrowsmith, North of England, film of his life produced in England, on DVD now.

Saint Edmund Arrowsmith
The highly dangerous mission of English Martyr Saint Edmund Arrowsmith to the recusant Catholics of Lancashire in the 17th Century North of England is presented and examined in this new film by Mary’s Dowry Productions. 
With the Catholic Faith still persecuted for most of the reigns of King James I and his son King Charles I, Fr. Edmund Arrowsmith remained hunted by the government priest catchers for fifteen years, celebrating the outlawed Catholic Mass and keeping the Catholic Faith alive in the north of England. 
This interesting account of his life brings St. Edmund Arrowsmith and the Faith and history of England into the relevance of today.
  Available on DVD NOW worldwide in all region formats, out now through AMAZON COM, AMAZON UK and Mary's Dowry Productions.

St. Thomas More, English Martyr, a new detailed film of his life

St. Thomas More:
A detailed look at the inspiring life of one of the most famous English Martyrs and Chancellors of England, Sir Thomas More, beginning with his early years in the home of Cardinal Morton, through to his friendship with King Henry VIII, his extensive writings against heresies, his final days in the Tower of London and his last walk to Tower Hill. 
This film looks at St. Thomas More’s encounters with the great figures of Tudor history including King Henry VIII, Thomas Cromwell, Erasmus, Anne Boleyn, Calvin, Luther and Bishop John Fisher as well as touching upon the depths of Saint Thomas More’s Faith and love of Christ and the Catholic Church. 
  Available on DVD NOW worldwide, all region formats, through AMAZON COM, AMAZON UK and Mary's Dowry Productions.