Wednesday 18 November 2009

Saint Hugh of Lincoln, English Saints, Catholic DVDs, Catechetical Confirmation resources

Saint Hugh of Lincoln is just one of the Saints featured in this DVD from Mary's Dowry Productions.
As part of our Well Known Saints DVD series we thought we would focus in on English saints and Martyrs and released "Saints of England: Volume One" onto DVD in October 2009.
AVAILABLE now worldwide through:

The DVD contains seven mini movies on Saints of England.
Their stories are told and brought to life through original uplifting music, narration, pictures, video and prayers. Learn about the lives of:

Saint Hugh of Lincoln
Saint Hilda
Saint Simon Stock
Saint Stephen Harding
Saint Ambrose Barlow
Saint Anne Line
and Saint Elphege

These films are great for all ages and particularly for use in family, parishes and youth groups, especially confirmation classes. A real encounter with the individual saints is guaranteed and each story is varied, from medieval times of persecution and martyrdom in the lives of Saint Anne Line and Saint Ambrose Barlow to Viking invaders in the life of St. Elphege all the way to the pleasant and joyful tale of Saint Simon Stock establishing the brown scapular devotion in England in the 1200s.

 In 2007 Mary’s Dowry productions created a new form of film media to present the lives of the saints. Mary’s Dowry Productions recreates stunning silent visuals, informative, devotional narration, and original contemplative music that touches your spirit to draw you into a spiritual encounter with the saint. Watch with your spiritual eye, listen with your spiritual ear. Our films seek to offer a window into the lives of our saints. Using your spiritual senses we invite you to shut out the world, sit prayerfully and peacefully and go on a journey of faith, history and prayer with these inspiring Saints.

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