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Mary's Dowry Productions is pleased to be able to offer our new film on Saint Margaret Clitherow which is now available to buy from our Online Shop.
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The DVD runs for 55 minutes

Saint Margaret Clitherow:
In the historical context of Saint Margaret's time in history, the spiritual aspects of her faith bore fruit in her simple daily tasks, fulfilled in her intention of serving her fellow York citizens, sheltering hunted priests and making sure that her children received a proper Catholic education in a climate of Elizabethan hostility.  Her conflict with the Earl of Huntington, Queen Elizabeth I's cousin, culminated in a poignant and moving witness for the Catholic Church in England.  She is held up and remembered inspiringly for Christians today. 

Screenshot from 'St. Margaret Clitherow'
Showing the Butcher's shop at The Shambles in Elizabethan York.
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In 2007 Mary’s Dowry productions created a new form of film media to present the lives of the saints. Mary’s Dowry Productions recreates stunning silent visuals, informative, devotional narration, and original contemplative music that touches your spirit to draw you into a spiritual encounter with the saint. Watch with your spiritual eye, listen with your spiritual ear. Our films seek to offer a window into the lives of our saints. Using your spiritual senses we invite you to shut out the world, sit prayerfully and peacefully and go on a journey of faith, history and prayer with Saint Margaret Clitherow. Closing the distance of time between Elizabethan England and the present day, encounter this inspiring young wife and mother. 

Length and Format: 

The film runs for one hour and is available on Region Free DVD worldwide.

Saint Margaret Clitherow sews her own shroud.
Screenshot from 'St. Margaret Clitherow
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Screenshot from 'St. Margaret Clitherow' by Mary's Dowry Productions
© 2009
Her feast day is celebrated on 30 August, which she shares with fellow female martyrs St. Anne Line and St. Margaret Ward.

A number of schools in England are named after Margaret Clitherow, including schools at Bracknell, Brixham, Manchester, Nottingham, Thamesmead SE28, Brent, London NW10 and Tonbridge. The Roman Catholic primary school in Nottingham's Bestwood estate is named after Clitherow. In the United States, St Margaret of York Church and School in Loveland, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, is also named after her. Another school named after her is St. Margaret Clitherow RC Primary School, located next to Stevenage Borough Football Club.
She is also the patroness of the Catholic Women's League, an organisation of Catholic women founded in 1906, with small groups (known as branches) and sections (groupings of branches, usually along diocesan lines) across the world. St Margaret is also a co-patroness of the Latin Mass Society, who organise an annual pilgrimage to York in her honour every year. A group of parishes in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool, Sacred Heart in Hindsford, St Richard's in Atherton, Holy Family in Boothstown, St Ambrose Barlow in Astley, St Gabriel's, Higher Folds in Leigh are now united as a single community with St Margaret Clitherow as its patron.
The English poet and Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote a poem honouring "God's daughter Margaret Clitheroe." The poem, entitled "Margaret Clitheroe" was among fragments and unfinished poems of Hopkins discovered after his death and is a tribute to the woman, to her faith and courage, and to the manner of her death.


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