Tuesday 27 July 2010

Final St. Polydore Plasden film

Saint Polydore Plasden was a young Elizabethan priest who was executed at Tyburn.

In 2007 Mary’s Dowry productions created a new form of film media to present the lives of the saints. Mary’s Dowry Productions recreates stunning silent visuals, informative, devotional narration, and original contemplative music that touches your spirit to draw you into a spiritual encounter with the saint. Watch with your spiritual eye, listen with your spiritual ear. Our films seek to offer a window into the lives of our saints. Using your spiritual senses we invite you to shut out the world, sit prayerfully and peacefully and go on a journey of faith, history and prayer with this inspiring Elizabethan Saint.

Screenshot from 'St. Polydore Plasden'
© 2010 Mary's Dowry Productions
Our film recreates several key moments from the life of Saint Polydore Plasden which run silently beneath a narrative where he tells us the journey of his life and mission during the troubled days of Elizabethan England.
Saint Polydore Plasden had such a love for God and people that he longed to be able to share it with others. He was especially devoted to the Eucharist. He became a Catholic priest in order to offer Mass for people during a troubled time in England's history.
Saint Polydore Plasden travelled England in disguise in order
to avoid capture. He stayed at the home of Saint Swithun Wells
in London in order to offer Mass for the people
Screenshot from 'St. Polydore Plasden'
© Mary's Dowry Productions 2010
Saint Polydore Plasden's joy and kindness touched all who encountered him. He shared the Gospel with many and worked without sleep many times, travelling to homes and offering Mass and hearing Confession. He was only 28 when the authorities eventually caught up with him. His spirit of prayer and gentle aspect infuriated the Queen's priest hunter Richard Topcliffe who locked Saint Polydore up in the Tower of London before his trial.
Despite being roughly treated, Saint Polydore's kindness and joy
was evident in his prayerful manner and peace.
Screenshot from 'St. Polydore Plasden'
© 2010 Mary's Dowry Productions
We filmed many moments from Saint Polydore's life including his prayerful time on the English Mission, offering Mass, peace and patience in prison and his final days. For our scenes were recreated backdrops with friends and parishioners in the barn and courtyard attached to our parish church. These images run beneath St. Polydore's narration with original contemplative and uplifting music in an Elizabethan and contemporary style. Despite being full of information, details and facts, our film is aimed at a spiritual encounter with Saint Polydore Plasden in a manner of prayer.
A secret Mass in a secret room in the home of
St. Swithun Wells
Screenshot from 'St. Polydore Plasden'
© 2010 Mary's Dowry Productions
Saint Polydore Plasden has left us an inspiring and relevant example of love, joy and peace in the Gospel especially during troubled times.
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