Tuesday 29 November 2011

Saint Alexander Briant, English Martyr, executed with St. Edmund Campion, 1st December

COMING SOON a new film on the life of St. Alexander Briant, one of our heroic English Martyrs. St. Alexander Briant was only 25 when he was hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn after having to witness his friends Fr. Edmund Campion and Fr. Ralph Sherwin brutally executed before him. He had suffered greatly in the Tower of London, enduring the thumbscrews, iron spikes thrust under his nails, ‘The Scavenger’s Daughter’ and the infamous ‘Rack’ several times, but he had remained calm and had even laughed at his tormentors saying “Is this all you can do?” St. Alexander Briant is here presented in a new film using specially recreated moments of his life, combined with sacred art, historical images, narration, and more for an encounter with this heroic Catholic priest. COMING SOON.

Meanwhile, check out our two DVDs on St. Edmund Campion: Saint Edmund Campion: a Hero Returns (1 hour) is available exclusively from our online shop and God’s Champion: St. Edmund Campion (30 minutes) is available from Amazon COM and Amazon UK.

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William Fisher-Stanton said...

Thank you for doing something worthwhile that is Catholic and spiritual too. I look forward to seeing this - Wil.