Saturday 18 August 2012

York Martyrs, especially St. Margaret Clitherow, remembered

In 2007 Mary's Dowry Productions created a new form of film media in which to present the lives of the Saints on DVD. We invite you to watch our film prayerfully and quietly and to engage your spiritual senses. Watch with your spiritual eye, listen with your spiritual ear. Mary's Dowry Productions loves to recreate key moments, silently and with no dialogue, from a Saint's life, using historical costume and beautiful backdrops. Original contemplative music runs beneath a detailed narrative that seeks to engage the viewer with the Saint. Our films offer a window into the life of each Saint.

The city of York, England can boast of many heroic and outstanding men and women of the Catholic Faith who were prepared to give their lives rather than renounce the Faith.  Many of the men and women remembered by the Church are from the 16th and 17th Century.
We call to mind in particular Saint Margaret Clitherow who is numbered among the
Among the many Martyrs remembered in York are Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland, who was beheaded under Elizabeth I, and Nicholas Postgate, known as Martyr of the Moors, who lived and worked in Ryedale and the North York Moors, and was one of the last Catholics to be executed for their faith in England in 1679.
Mary's Dowry Productions currently has available two DVDs presenting the life of Saint Margaret Clitherow.  The Shining Pearl of York plays for half an hour and begins with the execution of Blessed Thomas Percy.  Saint Margaret Clitherow runs for 1 hour.

We have these DVDs in stock in our online shop:
York Martyrs remembered
The martyrs:
John Rochester, priest, Carthusian; James Walworth, priest, Carthusian monk; Robert Aske, leader of the Pilgrimage of Grace; Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland; William Lacy, priest; Richard Kirkham, priest; James Thompson (alias Hudson), priest; William Hart, priest; Richard Thirkeld, priest; Hugh Taylor, priest; Marmaduke Bowes, layman; Margaret Clitherow , laywoman; Francis Ingelby, priest; Robert Bickerdyke, layman; John Finglow, priest; Edmund Sykes, priest; George Douglas, priest; Alexander Crow, priest; Edward Burden, priest; John Amias (alias Anne); Robert Dalby, priest; William Spencer, priest; Robert Hadesty, layman; Robert Thorpe, priest; Thomas Watkinson, layman; Anthony Page, priest; Edward Osbaldeston, priest; Alexander Rawlins (alias Feriman), priest; Henry Walpole, Jesuit priest; George Errington, layman; William Knight, layman; William Gibson, layman; Henry Abbott, layman; William Anlaby, layman; Thomas Warcop, layman; Edward Fulthro, layman; John Bretton, layman; Peter Snow, priest; Ralph Grimston, layman; Richard Horner, priest; Christopher Wharton, priest; James Harrison, priest; Anthony Bates, layman; Thomas Welbourne, layman; John Fulthering, layman; Matthew Flathers, priest; Thomas Atkinson, priest; John Lockwood, priest; Edmund Catherick; Brian Cansfield, priest (killed by Puritans); Nicholas Postgate, priest; Thomas Twing. (H/T The York Press - article by Dan Bean 17/8/12)

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