Wednesday 10 October 2012

Well Known Blesseds short movies DVD: Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Pier Giorgio Frassati, John Henry Newman, Alexandrina and Dominic Barberi

A NEW DVD resource presenting six new short films on the the lives of six Blesseds of the Modern Catholic Church:
Pope John Paul II
Mother Teresa
Alexandrina Maria da Costa
Pier Giorgio Frassati
John Henry Newman
Dominic Barberi
The DVD has a total runtime of 50 minutes and is an excellent way to present to classes or families a factual, devotional and historical biography of these six inspiring people. 
Available now on DVD through
Ships worldwide.
This is a new series launched by Mary's Dowry Productions in October 2012.
For our series 'Well Known Saints' visit our website or online shop or find us on AMAZON.  Presentations of well known Saints of the Church including Teresa of Avila, Catherine, Peter, Paul, Francis of Assisi, Ignatius, and many more.

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