Saturday 19 July 2014

St. Piran of Cornwall, an upcoming film of his life

Our upcoming production on St. Piran of Cornwall enjoyed a simple filming day on the shores of England and the little woods on the edge of the beaches this week.  St. Piran has a delightful biography which will be presented in a visual story with a simple and contemplative portrayal, historical images and art, relevant photographs and footage of nature to run beneath a simple, detailed narrative that tells his whole story.  St. Piran is currently in production with his visuals completed.  We shall be filming a portrayal of St. Buriana who travelled to Cornwall with St. Piran from Ireland to complete the visuals required for our film.  Think of our visuals as moving paintings that run beneath a gentle yet informative biographical narrative.  This is not a ‘movie’ but a creative way to enjoy the story of St. Piran of Cornwall.  Because we love to look at nature in our films we enjoyed filming the rockpools and sea during our filming day.  This looks like it will be a peaceful and interesting DVD.  St. Piran will be released in August 2014.  COMING SOON from

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