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The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction, England, UK, UPDATED WEBSITE

The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction, England, website has been updated this month.
Check it out for interesting information and facts here.
  Gary Bevans completed the world's only exact copy of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling in 1993 upon the ceiling of his parish church of the English Martyrs, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, England.  A natural artist, Gary was trained as a sign writer and converted to the Catholic Faith when he was seventeen years old.  He donated several paintings to his parish church over the years including portraits of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher. 
St Thomas More and St. John Fisher
Portraits painted by Gary Bevans in the early 1980's
Currently located in English Martyrs Catholic Church, Worthing
 In 1987, after a pilgrimage to Rome for the Beatification of George Haydock and the Blessed Martyrs Gary was inspired to paint a copy of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling upon the ceiling of English Martyrs church after having visited it in Rome and noting the ceiling was practically the same shape and size as that of his parish church at home. 
After having received permission from Bishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor Gary undertook the work in his spare time, unpaid, as a gift to the Universal Church.  The massive work of art took five years to complete, materials were funded by the kind donations of parishioners and visitors, and the completion was celebrated by a special Mass in November 1993 where Gary was presented with the Papal Medal 'Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice' from Pope John Paul II. 
The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction remains a popular place of interest today.
  Gary is a Deacon at English Martyrs Church as well as continuing to work at his full-time job of painting and decorating.  Gary has contributed set pieces, props and paintings to many of our films and his Ceiling has featured in several of our productions, for instance, a film telling the life of English Martyr and Jesuit priest St. Henry Morse included St. Henry Morse's early days in Rome where he worked as a tour guide.  We were fortunate to be able to use Gary's Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction as the backdrop for a scene in this film:
St. Henry Morse shows visitors the Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Screenshot from 'St. Henry Morse: Priest of the Plague'
by Mary's Dowry Productions
Mary's Dowry Productions was founded in 2007 by Gary's two daughters to produce films sharing the lives of the English Martyrs and Saints on DVD, especially for people who had not heard of their fascinating and inspiring lives. 
Gary remains a key contributor to several productions and some portrayals have been filmed in the 'barn' attached to English Martyrs Church where the Sistine Chapel Ceiling is housed.
Known for being 'media shy' Gary rarely contributes to the on going interest of his reproduction of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling in secular media but in 2008 he narrated an hour long documentary in which he explains in depth his fascinating journey and process creating the work of art.  The documentary includes never-before-seen photographs and footage donated by Gary and is available worldwide on DVD through Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon.
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Be sure to check back for updates as photographs, interviews, information and facts are added.
Gary's copy of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction in process

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