Thursday 28 September 2017

Celebrate Fatima 100 - NEW Fatima 'fridge magnets' - set of 5 Holy Reminders exclusively from Mary's Dowry Productions

NEW set of 5 quality fridge magnets from Mary's Dowry Productions

We are currently re-stocking our popular sets of fridge magnets which will be appearing in our online shops and AMAZON over the next few weeks, especially as we draw near to the close of the Year of Fatima. Our set of 5 'Fatima' fridge magnets have always been popular as gifts or for personal use and we love these Holy Reminders on our own fridges at our homes.

Our line of Saints and Historical fridge magnets discontinued several years ago due to cost effective production problems but we are pleased to be able to re-start these items and stock them once more as materials and production costs have improved.

Fridge Magnets are a great way to have a Holy Reminder present in our kitchens.

Each magnet size is 6cm x 4 cm

Durable plastic with large flat magnet set in the back of each.

We use fast and reliable postage in secure, padded packaging exclusively from the United Kingdom. Many people have been adding a set to a DVD order in our online shops for good value in postage, especially to the USA. 

The FATIMA 100 set can be seen and purchased here:

Celebrate FATIMA100 with a set of 5 quality Fatima fridge magnets comprising 1 each of: 

Our Lady of Fatima
The Three Shepherd Children
Lucia dos Santos
Saint Jacinta Marto
Saint Francisco Marto.

Browse through our DVDs at our online shop for films about St. Jacinta of Fatima, St. Francisco of Fatima and many more Saints and Historical figures celebrating our Catholic faith and heritage.

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