Saturday 10 August 2019

Preparing for the Re-Consecration of England as the Dowry of Mary - new film releases, Newman, Barberi, Frideswide

Mary's Dowry Productions Newsletter August 2019

This month we have released a new film about Saint Frideswide of Oxford. This early British Saint is the patron Saint of the city of Oxford, England. Her priory once stood where Christ Church Cathedral stands today. The history of her priory and of her relics shows the calculated attack of the great enemy of our salvation upon sacred devotional items that were an intrinsic part of Catholic life in England for many centuries before the Protestant Reformation. Devotion to Saint Frideswide was suppressed and the inspiring biography of her life shows us why, and also why she is an important intercessor for us today.

This month Mary’s Dowry Productions has been working on two new films. We were asked to produce a film about Blessed John Henry Newman to help share the importance of his life especially now as England draws closer to the re-consecration of our country to Our Lady under the unique title of ‘Mary’s Dowry’ or ‘The Dowry of Our Lady’.

This dedication has been a part of England for a thousand years and reflects the special relationship England has always had with the Mother of God. With Catholic Emancipation and the return of the Catholic Hierarchy to England in 1850, John Henry Newman was pivotal in Our Lady’s plan for England. As Blessed Dominic Barbari said, (the Passionist priest who received Newman into the Catholic Church and who has been called the Apostle of England), the men of the Oxford Movement were a very important part of God’s plan for the return of the Catholic Faith to England.

In our film about Newman we present segments from Arundel, which has an interesting link to him, and look especially at the English Martyrs, the Reformation, the Oxford Movement and ‘The Second Spring’ of the Catholic Church in England, it’s gradual return as foreseen by young Saint Dominic Savio, leading to Newman’s canonization a year before the historic re-dedication of England to Our Lady as her Dowry. We are also producing a film about Blessed Dominic Barberi who lived, worked and died with a heavenly zeal for England and her return to the Catholic Faith.

Coming soon from Mary’s Dowry Productions is a film specifically about ‘England: The Dowry of Mary’, drawing upon the history of this incredible title for England, the history of England’s special historical devotion to the Mother of God for many, many centuries and it’s meaning for the Universal Church, the great attack upon Our Lady in England at the Reformation, the importance of the English Martyrs, Newman, the many shrines throughout the country, the early British Saints and much more. We have made many of our films available through our website now for Instant Download on all digital devices.

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