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England's Mystic, Saint Julian of Norwich - England's Saints and Martyrs film resources

England's Mystic - Saint Julian of Norwich

Although not officially canonized, Julian of Norwich is widely regarded as a Saint throughout history, having lived a holy life solely for Christ as an anchoress. She spent her days in almost solitude, longing to be forgotten by the world, living in a small cell attached to the church of Saint Julian in Norwich, the Saint after which she has since become known. Even her real name has been forgotten to history, just as Saint Julian would have wished.

Saint Julian's day was one of prayer. She was able to observe Mass through a small window into the church in her cell and the priest brought her Holy Communion daily. She had a small group of acquaintances who respected her hermitage but who were drawn to her holiness, purity, radiant peace and deep Catholicism.

On one occasion, Saint Julian fell ill and thought she was going to die. She reflected upon her sins and her life and then was given Sixteen visions by Our Lord and asked to write them down. They are known as the Sixteen Showings, or Sixteen Revelations.

By writing them down under obedience, Saint Julian became one of the first women authors in Britain. The book was called The Revelations of Divine Love', and especially centered upon the Holy Passion of Christ, which Saint Julian especially honoured and adored.

The Revelations of Divine Love show us Christ's deep love for his creatures and Julian's authentic Catholic spirituality, as she mentions Our Lady's central role, purgatory, devotions and the Mass among others.

Her book remains a classic in Christian literature and has gone through many editions, translations and publications. Saint Julian is classed as a mystical writer, with mystical imagery and thoughts. The book brings encouragement and peace, especially through Our Lord's central message of Trust, Trust in His Mercy and that "all will be well".

Our 2016 film about Saint Julian of Norwich is presented in her own words as a specific encounter with this Saint, her life and her writings.

We have several excerpts and trailers on our YouTube Channel as well as the full film to watch for free - wonderful for a serious meditation with Saint Julian upon her writings and especially upon the Passion of Christ.

The film is also available to rent, purchase, watch and keep on DVD worldwide and Instant video from Mary's Dowry Productions.

As we prepare for the re-dedication of England to Our Lady as her Dowry, we have been encouraged to meditate upon and read about the lives of the Saints of England and the English Martyrs. Saint Julian of Norwich is often associated mainly with the Anglican church, but she is a Roman Catholic Anchoress, a Catholic Mystic and is an excellent English Saint to get to know better, especially now.

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