Monday 7 September 2020

Filming for Edel Quinn and the Legion of Mary filming day

This month (September 2020) we have kick started production once again with a morning spent filming scenes for an upcoming DVD about Edel Quinn and the Legion of Mary.

We headed for Clapham Wood and church in West Sussex with our camera, a few props, costume and tripod to capture some imagery representing Edel Quinn in Ireland for the first part of her biography.

Edel Quinn travelled often to set up praesidiums, so we used a suitcase from our 94 year old grandfather's loft which looked perfect to accompany Edel on her travels.

Shots that we also wanted to include for our film about Edel Quinn included Edel praying her rosary, reading and writing.

We also included Edel praying the Tessera prayers of the Legion of Mary on a wooden bench we discovered in the woods.

The little statue of Our Lady has featured in several of our films about the Saints and English Martyrs so we brought it along with us to Clapham Wood and had Edel Quinn pray her Tessera and rosary with it beside her - a lovely image.

Our final scenes were filmed in a 'dragonfly meadow' at the back of the woods where we had Edel Quinn walk to visit a housebound or sick person with her umbrella up. There were at least 6 dragonflies keen to be in the shot and an entire flock of sheep.

All in all, this was a nice morning of filming. We managed to acquire some excellent footage and plan to have one more filming session before being able to edit the film together and make it available.


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