Monday 9 January 2023

Saint Catherine of Siena film, in production, coming soon

 Saint Catherine of Siena FILM

from Mary's Dowry Productions

Coming soon from Mary's Dowry Productions Catholic film apostolate - Saint Catherine of Siena.

She was an emissary of peace, a defender of the Pope and the Papacy. She was given to the Church and the world at the dawn of the Black Plague in Europe and as the Catholic Church headed towards the Western Schism. After seeing Christ attired as the Pope in a mystical vision when she was six years old, Saint Catherine gave her life wholly to God. She was not called to be a nun or to marry. She spent her life as a single woman, wholly in service to Christ and His Church.

After rejecting her family's desire for her to marry her late sister's husband (she cut off her long hair in protest), she was able to retire for a time of solitude where she took Christ as her teacher. Pope Saint Paul VI, who declared her a Doctor of the Church in 1970, points out that she was thoroughly infused with Christ's Wisdom. Her charism was Wisdom.

At the age of 17, having been taught by Christ and with Wisdom infused in her by the Holy Spirit, she left her solitude to teach others in the world. She joined the Lay Dominicans (thus her Dominican habit and affiliation) and gathered around her a group of like minded friends who called her master.

At the age of 25, Saint Catherine started to correspond with the Italian leaders and the Pope. Her mission was to urge the Pope to return to Rome from Avignon. A fascinating history of the Papacy places Saint Catherine's mission in historical context.

She urged all to remain obedient to Pope Urban VI as the Western Schism broke out and other candidates claimed the role in the midst of political and worldly interests. Although Saint Catherine did not live to see the end of the Schism, she spent her life urging all to listen to the Church, to love and obey the Pope whom she saw as Christ on earth; she also suffered and prayed for souls and for the Church in a mystical life, imploring good for all, justice and love of the poor in 14th century society.

Saint Catherine of Siena is truly a Saint for our times and her message and teachings span time and history as she is held up as a Doctor of the Church. She is universal, for all.

Our new film about Saint Catherine of Siena will be released on DVD soon and also Instant Digital Download. Currently in production as of January 2023, we are working on editing and music and look forward to presenting the life and mission of Saint Catherine of Siena as part of our catalogue of Catholic films.

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