Wednesday 24 May 2023

NEW film about Venerable Father Ignatius Spencer - available now

Ven Father Ignatius Spencer film NOW AVAILABLE:

Now available from Mary's Dowry Productions - a new film about the wonderful, inspiring, devout, Passionist priest, Father Ignatius Spencer!

Born George Spencer - the son of the 2nd Earl Spencer First Lord of the Admiralty- in 1799, this intelligent, fervent, Truth-seeking English nobleman set upon a path that saw him encounter Catholicism in 19th Century England, convert from Anglicanism, resign his Anglican priesthood, journey to Rome and eventually enter the powerful Passionist Order as a devout and highly respected Catholic priest. 

 After a long journey through the temptations of a privileged life, having immersed himself in reading Scripture and the Early Church Fathers, with a love for his fellow man and a burning love for Christ and Our Saviour’s Passion, Father Ignatius Spencer embarked upon a mission throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, defending the Catholic Faith, winning hearts for God, enlightening minds, converting souls, founding schools and an order of nuns, practicing virtue, sacrificing much, enduring persecution and longing for England to reconcile with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church under its head, the Pope. 

 He would count among his descendants Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, and Princes William and Harry and has left us a wonderful legacy in the forms of unwavering hope, prayer and love of the Faith and the Catholic Church, attention to the Passion of Christ, love for one’s enemies, and a powerful contribution to England’s return to the Catholic Faith. In this new film, learn the life and mission of Father Ignatius Spencer – a priest for our times. 

 Length and Format: Ignatius Spencer is 30 minutes in length and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD. As with all our DVDs you will automatically be sent PAL or NTSC format depending on your country.




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