Sunday 10 June 2012

St. Edmund Gennings, film, English Martyr, Elizabethan England and Catholic history on DVD

The account of the life and mission of English Martyr St. Edmund Gennings.
This film presents in detail the account of a 24 year old priest in Elizabethan England.
With historical details, facts, information and imagery the faith and understanding of St. Edmund Gennings is presented in a film that is useful in schools, families, parishes and for information.
Treason, torture, plots.  Interesting information on the Catholic Faith in Elizabethan England.
The Elizabethen government and monarchy is also looked at.
London, the Tower of London and the priestly formation when it was illegal to train for the priesthood in England.
Using a specific approach for a thorough and informative look at the life of a little known English Martyr.
The film is available on DVD through:

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