Sunday 10 June 2012

St. Polydore Plasden, English Martyr, Catholic priest, Elizabethan England and Reformation in film

The account of an Elizabethan priest's life and mission during the Reformation in England.
St. Polydore Plasden was a Catholic priest from Fleet Street in London.
His account is detailed in a film wholly centered on this specific English Martyr.
The account presents the facts and details of his life while marking clearly the historical, political and Catholic setting in England at this pivitol time in the history of the Faith.
Other figures from history are linked to St. Polydore Plasden's account.
Details and imagery of London, the Tower of London etc...
The actor who portrays selected imagery of the priest captures St. Polydore's serenity and determination as well as Catholic piety.
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