Wednesday, 23 January 2013

St. Edmund Campion's friend at Tyburn Gallows, St. Alexander Briant's life explored in a new documentary, Mary's Dowry

Saint Alexander Briant - English Martyr - NEW DVD release from Mary's Dowry Productions.
A documentary about St. Alexander Briant, a young Elizabethan priest, who was executed at Tyburn Gallows with St. Edmund Campion and St. Ralph Sherwin. 

He was born in Somerset, studied under Fr. Robert Persons, was ordained a Catholic priest and returned to England on the English Mission.  His capture and torture give beautiful insights into the Passion of Christ - he carved a little Cross and wrote a poignant and insightful letter before his execution. 

A reverent witness to the Catholic Faith his story is presented in this new documentary.
The film is available now worldwide on DVD (all formats) from
and also through Amazon.
OUT NOW - January 2013.

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