Friday 12 April 2013

St. John Fisher, English Martyr, film produced in England


In 2007 Mary's Dowry Productions created a new form of film media in which to present the lives of the Saints on DVD. We invite you to watch our film prayerfully and quietly and to engage your spiritual senses. Watch with your spiritual eye, listen with your spiritual ear.
Mary's Dowry Productions loves to recreate key moments, silently and with no dialogue, from a Saint's life, using historical costume and beautiful backdrops. Original contemplative music runs beneath a detailed narrative that seeks to engage the viewer with the Saint. Our films offer a window into the life of each Saint.
St. John Fisher
St. John Fisher, the devout Bishop of Rochester, is loved by thousands today not only for his priestly example but for his heroic defence of the Catholic Faith in Tudor England that saw him earn the crown of Martyrdom. 

We look at the whole life of St. John Fisher from his birth to his arrest and confinement in the Tower of London where he was named Cardinal of England and shortly after beheaded on Tower Hill.  Historical characters such as Lady Margaret Beaufort, Kings Henry VII and Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, St. Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell and many others make this a journey of history, politics and Faith in 16th Century England.
Available now on DVD worldwide, all region formats, through Mary's Dowry Productions.

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