Monday 10 February 2014

Holy Spirit of Tranquility, a new Christian CD album

The Spirit music series blends instruments and sounds to create a relaxing and reflective mood which is both uplifting and meditative. Perfect as background music, or for chilling out, for becoming lost in thought or to absorb yourself in the tunes. Using guitars, piano, Celtic harps, ancient strings and ethnic flutes and pads blending with subtle sounds of nature and the forest the original tracks will help unwind and calm.
Track 1 - Better One Handful with Tranquility (7:09) Track 2 - The Lord Gives a Tranquil Heart (4:52) Track 3 - Speak to Calm this Tossing Sea, Stayed in Thy Tranquility(3:11) Track 4 - A Still and Tranquil Mind is No Small Gift (5:02) Track 5 - The Beautiful Tranquility of Solitude With the Spirit (4:07) Track 6 - Come Holy Spirit, Spirit of Tranquility (2:54) Track 7 - He Brings Tranquility, Beyond Human Comprehension (5:43) Track 8 - In the Light of God's Tranquility (4:31) Track 9 - Comforted With Tranquility (4:38) Track 10 - At the Feet of Jesus She Found Her Tranquility (5:21).
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Bernadette Bevans has been writing music since the age of fourteen. Specialising in writing music as underscore to film and narrative, Bernadette uses her gift for music to compose all of the soundtracks in our films and has been compiling original albums for many years available from our online shop. Many of these include ancient English fusion music such as the early albums Lands, Journeys, Dreams and many more. Recently the Spirit Series was inspired as a much more reflective and background type style and has been enjoyed by many for help in classrooms, for meditation and for chilling out on the train to work.


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