Sunday 16 February 2014

Plague priest, a film about Saint Henry Morse, English Martyr, Jesuit priest

The plague priest, Saint Henry Morse, has a fascinating story of bravery in 1635 London.
Mary's Dowry Productions film about the Priest of the Plague is due for release soon!
Known as the Priest of the Plague due to his work with the persecuted English Catholics and plague victims during the 1630's plague epidemic, this Jesuit priest is a wonderful example of faith and determination during difficult times.
He worked with fellow English Martyr Saint John Southworth (OUT NOW) but also had a heroic mission of his own, finding himself hunted, captured, arrested and exiled many times during his work in England as he worked to bring the outlawed Sacraments to the faithful. 
He was finally imprisoned and executed at Tyburn in 1645 leaving us an inspiring testimony relevant for England today.
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and many more.

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