Sunday 10 August 2014

St. Helen and the True Cross, a film from Mary's Dowry Productions

St Helen and the True Cross
Mary's Dowry Productions
There are several modern theories given today as to where St. Helen, mother of the Emperor Constantine was born, but the 12th Century Welsh chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth and the 12th Century English historian Henry of Huntington, both men closer to the time frame of St. Helen, tell us that St. Helen was born in Britain.  St. Helen was an English princess, the daughter of King Coel who was King of Essex and Hertfordshire. Since she had no siblings and no brothers to inherit the throne of Britain, St. Helen was raised in the manner of a future queen.  Her manner was gentle and modest and she knew that she was called to undertake a great role in the world. Perhaps she supposed that this role was fulfilled when she married the future Roman Emperor Constantius, but God had a greater task for the young Empress, one that would impact not only the material world, but the spiritual world too, for St. Helen would be the one chosen by Our Lord to recover the precious relic of the True Cross of Christ. and Amazon.  It is available NOW on DVD worldwide.
St Helen, Empress and mother of Caesar Constantine 
Our film on the life and mission of St. Helen, mother of the Emperor Constantine, not only looks at this wonderful Catholic Saint, but also at the history of the Church in the early centuries with simple detail and devotion.  You will see some simple, contemplative visuals of St. Helen which we acquired on a beautiful sunny morning up at the ancient hill-fort of Cissbury Ring near Findon, a location close to us at Mary’s Dowry Productions (see a few posts before for a little information on Cissbury Ring if you are not already familiar with it).  You will also see some relevant and abstract art, Sacred Art, historical imagery and maps, beautiful paintings and more as you hear the life of St. Helen and her search for the True Cross in the historical context of the great events of the 4th Century. 
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