Sunday 10 August 2014

St. Margaret Ward at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton

St. Margaret Ward, an Elizabethan English Martyr
has a great love for the Mass
St. Margaret Ward was born in Chester in Elizabethan England. Tragically her life and martyrdom remains little known and yet St. Margaret Ward’s biography is a stirring and interesting part of Catholic history. In this half an hour presentation we meet this Elizabethan young woman whose deep love of Christ and the Mass and her profound respect for the office of the Catholic priesthood saw her undertake daring visits to Bridewell prison, smuggling in rope to assist in a tortured priest’s escape. She was caught, arrested, scourged and imprisoned, eventually executed by order of Queen Elizabeth I for upholding the outlawed Catholic faith in England and refusing to deny the church. A beautiful blend of historical paintings, maps and imagery combine with footage of nature and historical locations with a selection of simple yet effective costumed visuals of this lovely English Martyr. We spent an interesting morning back in 2010 filming a selection of costumed visuals at ‘The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum’ near Chichester in West Sussex. 
St. Margaret Ward
Filmed on location at Bayleaf Farmstead, Chichester
The interior shown in this screenshot was filmed inside ‘Bayleaf Farmstead’ which is a 15th-16th century building with furnishings.  You will see St. Margaret Ward studying maps of London and the area to plan her work visiting the local persecuted Catholics, as well as sewing scapulars and rosaries and praying.  We also filmed in the meadows and fields of the open air museum and around Poplar cottage where the birds flew in and out the opened windows during the shoot.  Additional scenes were filmed on location at English Martyrs Catholic Church in Goring-by-Sea where a set in the ‘barn’ hall was constructed for Bridewell prison interiors.  All of these costumed visuals and footage run beneath the narrative which has St. Margaret Ward tell her story, combined with additional visuals of historical maps, paintings and relevant artwork.  We have filmed on location at the Weald and Downland Museum for several of our productions over the past seven years.  Our film about St. Margaret Ward is not a ‘movie’ produced for entertainment neither is it purely a biographical documentary, this is a creative way to learn the life of St. Margaret Ward with visual aids to help the narrative flow.

What you will hear:
The life of St. Margaret Ward in a narrative for the whole length of the film told from her own point of view. She will tell you her story. Original music to accompany the narrative.
What you will see:
Historical images, maps, footage of historical houses including effectively used locations such as Singleton near Chichester and Parham House; sacred art, devotional art; simple costumed visuals of St. Margaret Ward to help aid the narrative.
The film runs for 30 minutes.
Target Audience:
The film is suitable for all ages, aimed mainly at Catholics with an understanding of the Faith and an appreciation for the spiritual life. This film has had excellent feedback and is popular on EWTN.
The producers:
Mary’s Dowry Productions was established in 2007. The films presenting the lives of the Saints and Martyrs of the Church provide original and simple ways to share the stories and words of these heroic examples of the Faith.
St. Margaret Ward is available on Region Free DVD worldwide.

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