Monday 7 December 2015

A hymn for a Martyr, from The Primer of 1706

From The Primer of 1706
O GOD, the lot, reward and prize
That crowns thy martyrs' victories,
Grant, while we sing this martyrs' praise,
We may renounce our evil ways.
The world with specious cheats disguised
He soon discovered and despised,
And laboured for a nobler gain
Than palling pleasures mixed with pain.
No force could make his mind relent,
No racks his resolution bent;
Fearless of death he sheds his blood,
And wades to Heaven through the flood.
O vocal blood, now pierce the skies,
And deal with Heaven to hear our cries,
That on his glorious triumph we
May find indulgence, Lord, with thee.
May age to age for ever sing
The Virgin's Son and angels' King;
And praise with the celestial host
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.
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