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Prayers of the Saints, Saint Edmund Gennings (3), English missionary Martyr, 10th December 1591

Saint Edmund Gennings (3)

Saint Edmund Gennings
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On 10 December 1591 he was executed with Mr Wells opposite the latter's house in Gray's Inn, where he had celebrated Mass. On the scaffold, in answer to Topcliffe's gibes, he professed his loyalty to his "dear anointed queen," and declared that being a priest and saying Mass in no way made him a traitor. Of these things he acknowledged himself guilty, and rejoiced at having done such good deeds, and with God's help would do them again at the risk of a thousand lives. Topcliffe, angered at this speech, bade them turn the ladder and cut the rope, so that the martyr stood, scarcely stunned, on his feet, till the hangman tripped him up and quartered him. As he was dismembered he cried out in agony, "It smarts!" To which Mr Wells replied, "Alas, sweet soul, thy pain is great, but almost past; pray for me now, most holy saint, that mine may come."
Saint Swithun Wells prays for Saint Edmund Gennings
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Screenshot from 'Saint Swithun Wells' DVD
At the moment the executioner wrenched out his heart, Edmund was heard to utter in a loud voice the words, "Sancte Gregoria, ora pro me," at which the hangman swore profanely, "Zounds! His heart is in my hand, and yet Gregory is in his mouth. O egregious papist!"
"The smoke of incense of the prayers of the saints ascended up before God by the hand of an angel." - Apoc. 8, 4.
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by Henry Sebastian Bowden
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