Wednesday 24 October 2018

A successful Catholic film showing last week in Arundel and Brighton Diocese - Our Lady of Knock

Thursday 18th October saw Mary's Dowry Productions at the barn, English Martyrs Catholic Church, Goring Way, West Sussex, in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, showing the newly released 'Our Lady and the visionaries of Knock' film to a group of about thirty people.

Seats gradually filling up
This film ran for 50 minutes on the big screen. We love to show our films in the barn on the big screen. We turn off the lights and people are able to absorb the movie account without distraction. This is important for the films of Mary's Dowry Productions which are very atmospheric and prayerful film experiences in the correct conditions as well as being packed full of information and details, imagery, facts and footage.

DVD stall

Selection of DVDs available
As well as showing the film, which received positive and enthusiastic reviews, we had available a table with a selection of our Catholic films available, especially new releases from 2018 so far.

'Our Lady and the visionaries of Knock' is available on DVD worldwide from

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