Monday 24 June 2019

What is 'the devout life' these days? - NEW FILM release about Saint Francis de Sales, Mary's Dowry Producitons

Famous for his spiritual classic 'An Introduction to the Devout Life', 17th century Saint Francis de Sales wrote this timeless book especially for people living in the world. He understood that it was every man and woman's calling to walk the road to Heaven here in this life too (be it simply the few first steps, or great leaps along the narrow way) and that you don't have to have a vocation to the priesthood or religious life, to live in enclosure or even follow the monastic routine in order to become a great Saint.

Even back in 17th century Geneva this holy Bishop, who worked tirelessly on the conversion of over 70,000 Calvinists in his region (with success), had the foresight to write books, pamphlets, treatises and letters for men and women living 'in the world'. who were not only interested in the spiritual life but who wanted to know more about the Catholic Faith.

Along with his friend Saint Jane de Chantal, Saint Francis de Sales founded an order of nuns who stepped out of their convent walls every day in search of souls, ministered to the sick, the poor, welcomed laywomen into their monastery on retreat and for peace from the world and even allowed 'old' ladies and sick women to join the order and become nuns too: "What do you want me to do? I like sick people. I'm on their side." Saint Jane de Chantal responded when criticized.

Now available on DVD worldwide, is our NEW film about Saint Francis de Sales, Saint Jane de Chantal and the devout life from Mary's Dowry Productions, posting worldwide in all region formats from our online shop.

With details about the lives of these two great Catholic Saints and excerpts from their writings, books and letters, this is a welcome film for anyone seeking a new or fresh encounter with this giants of the spiritual life. What is the devout life these days? Who was Saint Francis de Sales? What is his relevance today?

Informative, devotional, prayerful and inspiring.

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