Wednesday 26 June 2019

Filming new scenery, meeting local Catholics - Mary's Dowry Productions

This morning Mary's Dowry Productions set off to acquire fresh scenery for some new films about the lives of the Saints. We are focusing especially on some early Saints such as Saint Frideswide of Oxford, Saint Hilda of Whitby and Saint Weburga. Looking forward to producing these.

Our destination was Sompting village near Worthing, about ten minutes drive away. We had seen some photos on Instagram of the poppy field and thought we would go and film some scenery first and then, hopefully it will still be lovely and fresh, go and film an early Saint figure in the setting.

Amazingly it began to rain and the wind picked up, which often happens when we set off to film, even in a heatwave! But we persevered and when we finally set up the rain eased off and we were able to spend 40 minutes or so filming the beautiful scenery.

While filming we were able to chat with several locals including a lady who asked if we were just taking photographs. I explained that we were filming for scenery used in our films about historical figures of England, early Saints, Martyrs etc...and after a while of chatting I gave her a business card and she exclaimed that she was a Catholic and interested in the Saints and Catholic history of England. It's great to be able to speak about England's Saints and Martyrs with the people we meet out on location and point them towards our website and YouTube channel so as to share the films with them.

Another amazing thing is that in the 12 years of filming scenery we've never managed to get around to filming a poppy field! So we enjoyed capturing a variety of beautiful footage. The colours are striking.

Imagine the image of an early Saint walking reflectively through the poppy fields as we listen to her story told. We're hoping to go at the end of the week or even next week and start production work on one of our early British Saints in and around the poppy fields in typical Mary's Dowry Productions style.

After a difficult event with our last film, Saint Francis de Sales, which took 15 months to complete, concluding with the music composition computer practically blowing up, we are back up and running with a faster and more reliable music computer to help Bernadette write her beautiful music. I am sure she will get a lot of inspiration from the poppies used in our next film!

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