Monday 15 July 2019

Filming for Saint John Henry Newman, NEW DVD - filming morning, Blessed Dominic Barberi

This morning Mary's Dowry Productions spent a few hours out on location at Clapham Woods in Sussex filming footage to represent the latter years in the life of our future Saint John Henry Newman who will be canonized this coming October (2019).

With us on our filming trip came a very special First Class Relic of Blessed Dominic Barberi, the Passionist who received John Henry Newman into the Catholic Church. We have a particular love for this Blessed who is specially linked to England. Filming for an accompanying DVD about him will begin next week.

We like to take one of our relics along with us on filming days and thought this was especially nice because we were filming visuals for our DVD about John Henry Newman and we hope he was pleased.

The location we chose was local to us with a lovely old church and graveyard and close to some pretty woodland walks. We wanted to represent Newman in his latter years throughout our film as we present a biography of him that will be easy to digest in the usual Mary's Dowry Productions film-making style: devotional, informative and clear.

Our 'actor' is a parishioner we have known for over twenty five years, an enthusiast for the lives of the Saints and for Mary's Dowry Productions. He is a devout man and looked perfect for the role. He spent the morning reading, writing, walking, praying his rosary and giving us a wonderful representation of John Henry Newman for us to use in our upcoming film.

We also captured a nice selection of scenery in the wild walks of Clapham wood. While filming John Henry Newman walking along a path a large red deer walked into the shot and stood for a while with our actor. We're looking forward to seeing how that turns out - we couldn't have planned it!

This week we will be capturing the footage onto our editing computer, writing the narration and will send off the selected quotes for one of our voice actors to record at the BBC for us. This will be merged with our biographical narration over the acquired footage, original photographs and paintings and scenery to make available a new Catholic film resource on this great NEW Saint of England!

Coming soon from Mary's Dowry Productions.

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