Tuesday 9 July 2019

Saint Frideswide of Oxford - a new film available this month from Mary's Dowry Productions, July 2019

This month we have been working on a new film about Saint Frideswide of Oxford which will be released in July 2019.

Saint Frideswide (c. 650 – 19 October 727) also known as Frideswith, Fritheswithe, Frevisse, or simply Fris, was an English princess and Catholic abbess. She is one of our early British Saints with an uplifting and inspiring life that reflects upon the Catholic Sacraments, monastic life and virtue.

For this DVD Mary's Dowry Productions filmed visuals of Saint Frideswide in the poppy fields of Sompting village, West Sussex.

Mention is made of Saint Frideswide's love of the psalms and playing the harp. This was something we recreated for the film.

We touch upon Saint Frideswide's battles with the devil especially in the war for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls. We look at her most famous battle with him as he stirred up the illicit desires of the Mercian king Algar who was determined to abduct Saint Fridewide from her nunnery and make her his bride.

We also look at the history of Saint Fridewide's priory following her holy death; the desecration of her relics specifically by the Calvinist James Calfhill and the recent reconstruction of her shrine in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.

Saint Frideswide will be available on DVD from our online shop and website 'Mary's Dowry Productions' this July 2019.

This month we will also begin production on a NEW DVD about John Henry Newman, specifically for an introduction on his life. More information coming soon.

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