Thursday 15 June 2017

SAINT PETER'S REMORSE, Saint Robert Southwell, English history, Elizabethan poet, prayer

By Saint Robert Southwell
Reading for 15th June
Saint Robert Southwell was a Catholic priest, a missionary and an Elizabethan poet who was executed at Tyburn, London for defending the outlawed Catholic Church in England.
Many seculars throughout the last 400 years of history up to and including the present day admire Saint Robert Southwell for his gift of prose. Catholics hold him up as a Martyr as well as admire and appreciate this young priest's gift for preaching, writing, poetry, love of the Mass, daring missions throughout England and as an intercessor for us today in the glories of Heaven. Many of his poems can be read today.
St. Peter's Remorse - an Elizabethan poem
IT is a small relief
To say I was thy child,
If, as an ill-deserving foe,
From grace I am exiled.
I was, I had, I could -
All words importing want;
They are but dust of dead supplies,
Where needful helps are scant.
Once to have been in bliss
That hardly can return,
Doth but bewray from whence I fell,
And wherefore now I mourn.
All thoughts of passed hopes
Increase my present cross;
Like ruins of decayed joys,
They still upbraid my loss.
O mild and mighty Lord!
Amend that is amiss;
My sin, my sore, thy love my salve,
Thy cure my comfort is.
Confirm thy former deed,
Reform that is defiled;
I was, I am, I will remain
Thy charge, thy choice, thy child.
St. Peter's Remorse - by St. Robert Southwell, English Martyr
Reading for June 15th from
The Mementoes of the Martyrs and Confessors of England and Wales
by Henry Sebastian Bowden
In 2015 we decided to film our own visuals from key moments in the life and mission and suffering of this great Jesuit priest, Saint Robert Southwell. We recreated the atmosphere and settings of Saint Robert's stay with the Countess of Arundel, his travelling, meetings with other English Martyrs of that time, imprisonment in the Tower of London, trial and execution at Tyburn. This allowed us to be able to present in a 30 minute film an encounter with this inspiring English Martyr, with historical information, facts and spiritual insights.
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