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Litany of Intercession for the Conversion of England - Mary's Dowry, Mary's Dowry Productions


Cell of St. Thomas More - Mary's Dowry Productions 2011 pilgrimage to the Tower of London
Mary's Dowry Productions was founded in honour of Our Lady of England, named for Our Lady's Dowry of England under the ancient Catholic title - Mary's Dowry. As well as producing films on the lives of the English Martyrs as a means of spreading knowledge of many unknown or little known heroic Catholics of our country, Mary's Dowry Productions seeks to promote the lives of early Saints of England and Great Britain too, as well as devotion to Our Lady, using film as a way to reach people in an easy to absorb, prayerful, informative and inspiring way.

Below is a litany that was prayed regularly in England for the Conversion of England, which includes invocation to many of the Saints and Martyrs of England.

Litany of intercession for the conversion of England

Remember not, O Lord, our Offences, nor those of our parents; neither take thou vengeance of our Sins.

Lord, have Mercy on us.
Christ, have Mercy on us.
Lord, have Mercy on us.
Jesus, receive our Prayers.
Lord Jesus, grant our Petitions.

O God the Father, Creator of the world, have mercy on England.
O God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on England.
O God the Holy Ghost, Protector of the world, have mercy on England.
O Sacred Trinity, three Persons and one God, have mercy on England.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, *pray for England (*repeat after each invocation)
Holy Mary, Queen of Angels, whose powerful Intercession destroys heresies,
Holy Mary, Virgin of Virgins, whose eminent sanctity our Lord hath honoured with so many miracles,
St. Michael, Prince of the Church,
St. Gabriel, glorious messenger of our Saviour’s Incarnation,
St. Raphael, faithful guide of those that have lost their way,
Holy Angel, to whose pious custody this province is committed,
All Holy Angels, and blessed Spirits of Heaven, who celebrate with joy the conversion of sinners,
St. John Baptist, Precursor of the Messiah, and great example of penance,
All ye holy Patriarchs and Prophets, Friends of God, and advancers of his Truth,
St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and Supreme Pastor of Christ’s sheep,
St. Paul, Doctor of the Gentiles, who of a persecutor became a preacher,
St. Andrew, first Disciple of Christ, and constant lover of the Cross,
All holy Apostles and Evangelists, chief planters of the Christian Faith, and zealous maintainers of Catholic unity,
St. George, our principal Patron, whose courage remained invincible in the midst of so many torments,
St. Alban, our first Martyr, who, for the generous charity of harbouring a priest, was put to death,
St. Thomas of Canterbury, who, as a faithful shepherd, lay down thy life in defence of thy flock,
All holy Martyrs of this Nation, who voluntarily lost your lives here, to find them again in a joyful eternity,
St. Gregory, most vigilant Bishop of the universal Church, whose pious zeal sent missionaries from Rome for the conversion of our ancestors,
St. Augustine, peculiar Apostle of this nation, by whom our forefathers were reclaimed from paganism and infidelity,
St. Bede, most venerable Confessor, by whose religious life, and learned writings, the Catholic Faith was eminently propagated among us,
All holy Bishops and Confessors, by whose wisdom and sanctity this Island was once a flourishing seminary of religion,
St. Helen, most holy queen, and happy mother of the first Christian Emperor,
St. Ursula, most blessed martyr, who died in the glorious defence of faith and chastity,
St. Winefred, most admirable virgin, even in this unbelieving generation still miraculous,
All holy saints of this nation, who, amidst the innumerable joys of heaven, still retain a particular charity for the conversion of your country,
All holy saints of all places, who, though divided here in several regions, were united in the same faith, and now enjoy one common felicity,

Be merciful, O Lord, and spare us.
Be merciful, O Lord, and hear us.
From the dangers most justly threatening our sins, deliver England, O Lord.
From the spirit of pride, rebellion, and apostasy, deliver England, O Lord.
From the spirit of hypocrisy, profaneness, and sacrilege, deliver England, O Lord.
From schism, heresy, and all blindness of heart, deliver England, O Lord.
From gluttony, drunkenness, and the false liberty of an undisciplined life, deliver England, O Lord.

We sinners beseech thee hear us.
That it will please thee to hasten the conversion of this, our miserable country, and re-unite them to the ancient faith and communion of thy Church, *we sinners beseech thee hear us (*repeat after each invocation)
That it would please thee particularly to have mercy on our kinsfolk, friends, and benefactors, and open their eyes to see the beauty of thy truth, and embrace it,
That it would please thee to incline the hearts of all the magistrates rightly to understand our religion, and impartially consider our sufferings; and how hardly soever they may deal with us, make us till with exact fidelity to perform our duties toward them,
That it would please thee to comfort and strengthen thy servants who suffer for the Catholic Faith, and not permit the weakest of us, by any temptation whatsoever, to fall away from thee and thy truth,
That it would please thee to assist with thy special grace those good priests who venture their lives for their flock, and daily augment in them the fire of thy love, and the zeal of gaining Souls,
That it would please thee to preserve the Catholics of this land from all sin and scandal, and to adorn our lives with solid piety, that our enemy, seeing our good works, may glorify thee our heavenly Father,
That it would please thee to grant us the grace of improving the restraints and temporal disadvantages we fall under, into an occasion of retiredness and Christian severity; supplying our want of public assemblies by a greater diligence in private devotions,
That it may please thee to govern us by thy good Spirit, that we may accept such ease and liberty, as thou vouchsafest to bestow on us, with gratitude, use it with modesty, and give others to understand by our behaviour, that nothing is pleasing to us, but so far as it tends to thy honour and our neighbour’s good,
That it would please thee to illuminate the hearts of all schismatics, who live out of the Church, seriously to apprehend the danger of their state, and the great importance of eternal salvation,
That it would please thee to look mercifully down from heaven on the tears of the afflicted, and the blood of so many martyrs, who have spent their lives and suffered death to convert us to thee, Son of God, we beseech thee to hear us.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, hear us, O Lord.
O Lamb of God that takest away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
Lord have Mercy on us.
Christ, have Mercy on us.
Lord have Mercy on us.

Our Father...

O Lord, hear our prayers. 
And let our supplications come unto thee.

Let us Pray.

Almighty and everlasting God, whose judgements are righteous, and counsels unsearchable, who visit the iniquities of the parents upon the children, to the third and fourth generation, and yet at length remember mercy: forgive, we beseech thee, the sins of our forefathers, and turn away thy wrath from their posterity; deliver the ignorant from being seduced by false teachers, and the learned from being abused by their passions, and the whole nation from the spirit of contradiction, licentiousness, and discord; that instead of many divisions and changes in religion, under which they labour, they may again be restored to that unity of mind, steadiness of faith, and tranquillity of conscience, which is no where to be sought but in the communion of thy Church, nor possible to be found but by the conduct of thy grace.

O Eternal God, who in this great deluge of heresy, which wholly overflows, and almost covers the face of this Land, hast vouchsafed to select a small number for thyself, and save them in thy holy ark from the common inundation; we praise and glorify thy infinite Goodness, by which alone we enjoy the comfort of a firm and settled belief, free from the inconstancy of those, who, having no support but their own fancies, float up and down awhile, and sink at last into the gulf of infidelity; make us sensible, O Lord, of these thy unspeakable blessings, that as we know thee by a sure faith, we may love thee with a perfect charity; and fixing all our hopes on the joys of a future Life, patiently suffer what thou permit here, and still press on to what thou promise hereafter, through Jesus Christ our Lord, and only Saviour.


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