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In the wrecks (wracks) of Walsingham - attributed to Saint Philip Howard, English Martyr

Attributed to Saint Philip Howard, the Earl of Arundel and English Martyr
(Screenshots from 'Our Lady of Walsingham DVD - © 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions)

The ruins of Walsingham Abbey
© 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions

A Lament for Our Lady's Shrine at Walsingham

 In the wracks of Walsingham 
Whom should I choose 
But the Queen of Walsingham
 to be my guide and muse.

 Then, thou Prince of Walsingham,
 Grant me to frame Bitter plaints to rue thy wrong,
 Bitter woe for thy name. 

Richeldis de Faverches was asked by Our Lady to build a replica of the house
of the Annunciation on her grounds in Walsingham
© 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions

Bitter was it so to see 
The seely sheep 
Murdered by the ravenous wolves 
While the shepherds did sleep. 

Bitter was it, O to view 
The sacred vine, 
Whilst the gardeners played all close, 
Rooted up by the swine. 

Bitter, bitter, O to behold 
The grass to grow 
Where the walls of Walsingham 
So stately did show. 

A pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Walsingham
© 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions

Such were the worth of Walsingham 
While she did stand, 
Such are the wracks as now do show 
Of that Holy Land. 

Level, level, with the ground 
The towers do lie, 
Which, with their golden glittering tops, 
Pierced once to the sky. 

Where were gates are no gates now, 
The ways unknown 
Where the press of peers did pass 
While her fame was blown. 

Saint Philip Howard, Earl and Martyr
© 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions

Owls do scrike where the sweetest hymns 
Lately were sung, 
Toads and serpents hold their dens 
Where the palmers did throng. 

The lament features in our Walsingham DVD
© 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions

Weep, weep, O Walsingham, 
Whose days are nights, 
Blessings turned to blasphemies, 
Holy deeds to despites. 

A photo of The restored Slipper Chapel
© 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions

Sin is where Our Lady sat, 
Heaven is turned to hell, 
Satan sits where Our Lord did sway
 -- Walsingham, O farewell!

-Composed by Saint Philip Howard during his visit to Walsingham with his cousin Queen Elizabeth I

Plaque to indicate where the Holy House once stood
© 2012 Mary's Dowry Productions

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This poem is also often titled 'In the Wracks of Walsingham' - wracks is the old form of wrecks but it does its double duty in its association with 'racks'.

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