Wednesday 25 July 2018

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We have been taking advantage of the super hot weather here on the south coast of England this week to go out filming some scenes for a DVD about 'Edel Quinn' that we have wanted to produce for sometime. We are auxiliary members of the Legion of Mary, which means we pray the Legion prayers, but sadly our Praesidium in our parish church closed about a decade ago. We were always interested in Edel Quinn and would like to share her story on DVD. She is very inspiring.
Part of Edel's biography takes place in Africa, the last eight years of her life in fact. With the baked ground and scorched grasses on the south down and surrounding fields here we decided to get creative and go out into the local areas to capture some 'African missionary' imagery we will be able to incorporate in our film.

We organised a suitable costume (from our mother's wardrobe!) and a wig from Amazon and set off with a notebook, pencil and rosary for props. Our location was in Findon at a place called Cissbury Ring, an ancient hill fort with fields and hills we have used before in our films.

Camera work was tricky, trying to keep the British trees out of the shots as much as possible, plus we were accosted by lots of dogs enjoying their walks. But we returned home with twenty minutes of footage which we looked at and played around with some burnt orange filters to give an even hotter 'African' feel to it all.

We hope to go out again sometime, while the hot weather is still scorching our English fields, to acquire some more footage. For the beginning of Edel's story we will need some lush green countryside for her life in Ireland, so we will be waiting for the rain to get on to that part.
Meanwhile, our film about 'Our Lady and the visionaries of Knock' is underway and we are keen to complete the several films already in production so as to make them available on DVD and spread the word about these great Catholic figures of the Church.

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