Wednesday 12 December 2018

Entire Catholic DVD collection - not including our range of NEW box sets

This month a Catholic parish and school raised money to order every single one of the DVDs that Mary's Dowry Productions has produced since 2007, for parishioners and school children to use in their Catholic parish in Idaho, USA. We were able to offer a special discount for them to be able to have the whole lot! How wonderful that so many of our little known English Martyrs will now become familiar to many more people.

Once we had organized the parcel we snapped a few photographs of the DVDs laid out in our conservatory before finishing up, packaging them and shipping them out today It was actually the first time that anyone has ever placed an order for our entire catalog so it was an opportunity for us, too, to see our whole body of films on the Saints and Martyrs laid out before our eyes. Wow, it's been a lot of work over the past eleven years but certainly worth it to have visual aids in film, music and media to help share the knowledge of these Saints.

The photographs show about 82 of our 87 individual DVDs. We now have box sets available as well which allow for us to offer 6 films for the price of 3 films due to reduced packaging expenses. The box sets are really wonderful and are getting a lot of lesser known biographies out there such as Saint John Houghton in the 'Tudor Box Set', many of which are also going to secular viewers.

Christmas is our busiest time of year (post-wise) at Mary's Dowry Productions so we have been spending the last few months working on DVD orders that have been shipped throughout the world to Catholic bookshops such as Saint Paul's Bookshop next to Westminster Cathedral in London and others in Australia as well as big orders throughout North America and Europe. We have also had a lot of orders for Christmas presents which we love doing because bringing the Saints of England, English Martyrs and well-known Saints into homes during the Holy Season is so exciting.

Our films not only present a biographical account of a Saint or English Martyr, often in their own words, but also bring in the Truths of the Catholic Faith as well as devotions to the mind and heart of the viewer.

With only a few days left for us to post out to the USA for Christmas now, we shall be working on parcels and packages containing biographies of the Saints and Martyrs and look forward to finishing production work in the New Year on films about Saint Alban Roe (English Martyr), Edel Quinn and the Legion of Mary, Saint Francis de Sales, and several important documentaries about the Shrines of Our Lady in England as we spend 2019 looking forward to the reconsecration of England to the Mother of God as Our Lady's Dowry.

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