Saturday 8 December 2018

The Last Moments and Words of a Martyr, St Polydore Plasden, December 10th

Three Martyrs for December

We have taken some time this week to produce new film trailers on each of the English Martyrs films (which we refer to as the trilogy) that Mary's Dowry Productions produced in 2010:

Saint Edmund Gennings
Saint Polydore Plasden
Saint Swithun Wells

These three men were executed with other important English Martyrs on 10th December 1591, but we focused specifically upon these three for our films. Two were Catholic priests who knew one another from seminary and one was a Catholic layman who provided a secret room in his London house for Catholic missionary priests during the Elizabethan persecutions, for these brave men to offer the outlawed Catholic Mass.

We filmed visuals and recreations of key moments from the lives of these three martyrs over two days, on location at specially constructed sets in the 18th century barn attached to our local Catholic church of the English Martyrs. For the first day we filmed their missions, their arrest in The Secret Mass Room and various expressions of their powerful priesthood, such as reconciling Elizabethans who had left the Catholic Faith, hearing Confessions, celebrating Mass and preaching the Truths of the Catholic Faith. We managed to film different scenarios from each of their lives as well as bringing the three Martyrs together for meetings and encounters.

On the second filming day we focused upon the prison cells and the triple Tyburn Gallows.

The three films compliment one another and give a full encounter with the story of these men who bravely died in defense of the Catholic Faith which was savagely persecuted in England during Penal times.

Here is the new clip and trailer for our film about Saint Polydore Plasden. We find their last words and moments at the gallows very profound and many have commented upon how moving each film is, especially the priests or layman's brave sacrifice at the gallows.

The DVDs can be purchased individually from Mary's Dowry Productions or in Volume One of our special Martyrs DVD Box sets which can be seen here:

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