Saturday 16 May 2015

Saint Etheldreda Abbess of Ely, a film about the Saint of Ely in a new form of media, DVD

Founded in 2007, Mary's Dowry Productions created a new form of film media that invited the viewer to engage their spiritual senses and take a journey with a Catholic Saint.
Watch with your spiritual eye, listen with your spiritual ear, as Saint Etheldreda takes your hand and walks you through the holy, contemplative and inspiring journey of her life.
Produced for Catholics, this is a new way to experience the powerful lives of the Saints through new film. Mary's Dowry Productions loves to recreate key moments from a Saint's life using historical costume and natural locations, pious props and original, contemplative music that moves the spirit.
While offering historical facts, information and fascinating details, these films are best watched prayerfully and in a quiet environment.
Saint Etheldreda's was a Saxon princess and Queen who became the celebrated Abbess of Ely. Her body remained miraculously incorrupt for almost a thousand years and drew pilgrims from all over Christendom to pray at her tomb. 
This film by Mary's Dowry Productions looks at her fascinating journey and invites you to enter prayerfully and spiritually upon it with her.  Produced in 2009.  As seen on EWTN.
Saint Etheldreda is available on DVD through Mary's Dowry Production:
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