Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Saint Francis of Assisi, film presenting his life, stigmata, DVD Mary's Dowry Productions

This is a half an hour film that takes a prayerful and spiritual look at Saint Francis of Assisi.
The film was produced in 2011 on a very small budget.
It has Saint Francis tells us his own journey in a format that is a perfect introduction to the Saint but also a quiet and personal encounter.
Like all of our films, Saint Francis was made as an introduction.
Our inspiration for making these films was ignited in 2007 after college degrees in music for film and media and a desire to share the lives of the Saints with others, especially the youth using this powerful means.
Gentle, informative yet prayerful and spiritual, the films of Mary's Dowry Productions use very simple visuals, sacred art, nature and music to offer a unique way of learning about a Saint.
Although our target audience is mainly young people, so many people have enjoyed this way of spending half an hour with the Saints.

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