Saturday 29 July 2017

75th Anniversary of the death of Blessed Titus Brandsma - our film of his life and martyrdom

The 75th Anniversary of the death of Blessed Titus Brandsma
26th July 2017

July 26th marked the 75th anniversary of the death of Blessed Titus Brandsma, a Dutch Carmelite priest who suffered for the Catholic faith in Dachau concentration camp. It is spiritually beneficial to remember this priest and Martyr of the Church who has left us a life of inspiration relevant to us today. We say this often; that each and every Saint or Blessed of the Church has left us a witness relevant for us today. In 2015 we decided to produce a film for our audience on the life of Blessed Titus so that people who had not encountered him would become familiar with his story.

Blessed Titus was born in Bolsward in Holland in 1881. He joined the Carmelite order while he was a young man and was ordained a Catholic priest in 1905. Father Titus studied in Rome and was awarded a doctorate in philosophy at the Gregorian Pontifical University, returning thereafter to Holland. Blessed Titus spent many years teaching in several schools before he took up post of Professor of Philosophy and History of Mysticism at the Catholic University of Nijumen, later appointed Rector Magnificus.

Aside of being a Professor, Blessed Titus was a prolific writer and deeply spiritual man. In 1935, he was appointed as the adviser to the bishops for Catholic journalists. Before the Nazi's occupied Holland, Blessed Titus was outspoken in his stance against the National Socialist ideology where he defended the right to freedom in education and for the Catholic Press. Because of this, he was followed by the Nazis and finally arrested and imprisoned.
Blessed Titus Brandsma suffered imprisonment in several prisons and camps until he was finally sent to Dachau. There he gave a striking witness of forgiveness, defense of the Truth and humility. On one occasion he was beaten while concealing the Most Blessed Sacrament in a leather pouch upon his person.
Eventually, due to his physical weakness after numerous beatings and the sufferings endured at the concentration camp, Father Titus was sent to the Nazi medical barracks where he was experimented upon before he was final given a lethal injection.
He was beatified as a Martyr by Pope John Paul II on 3rd November 1982.

We have letters and writings by Blessed Titus Brandsma as well as prayers he has written, and several photographs of this great modern Carmelite Blessed. In our own film biography we look at several of these as well as many details of his life and journey and have recreated some careful footage from key moments of his life.

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