Thursday 20 July 2017

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The lives of the Saints - the teachings of the Church

Part of the mission of Mary's Dowry Productions when producing films on the lives of the Saints and English Martyrs, is to include specific teachings of the Catholic Church. For example, our new film 'SAINT AIDAN: APOSTLE OF ENGLAND' due out this year, has a clear and important section on the Precepts of the Church.
In every one of our films, the viewer will find useful elements of the Church's teachings which are often forgotten or not spoken about in numerous parishes, especially throughout England. Many people are unaware of certain elements of Catholic life and at a time when almost everyone absorbs information through visual media, it is a good means of conveying important and sometimes forgotten or unknown truths.

In our film 'SAINT EDMUND ARROWSMITH' we were able to clarify the Church's teaching on cohabitation. Saint Edmund Arrowsmith was betrayed by a young man whom the priest was gently but clearly rebuking for his immoral lifestyle. These great Saints and English Martyrs refused to remain silent when those around them lived lives contrary to the Church or the good of their souls.

Amazingly, and sadly, so many people have not even heard of the Precepts of the Church, with many hardly ever going to Confession, or many habitually missing Mass on alternate Sundays or not even considering going to Mass on Holy Days of Obligation. Our film 'SAINT AIDAN: APOSTLE OF ENGLAND' presents the Precepts of the Church clearly.

When we first established Mary's Dowry Productions in 2007, our main mission was to make the lives of the English Martyrs better known through visual presentation in film and to present reformation history and English Catholic history clearly. Our first film, 'SAINT PHILIP HOWARD; EARL OF ARUNDEL' not only shows how Saint Philip suffered for eleven years in the Tower of London and eventually died because he would not attend a Protestant Service, bit it also caused a stir in our own parish with many people ignorant of the Catholic history and persecution of Catholics especially during the so called 'Golden Age' of Queen Elizabeth I and the Elizabethan Era.

We were especially pleased to be able to present a film last year about Queen Mary I of England who is immediately known be almost everyone as 'Bloody Mary' due to the Protestant writers of England. A detailed look at her life and reign shows so many admirable elements of policy and rule and religious tolerance that does not feature in mainstream or secular entertainment or even historical presentation, although this has changed substantially over the last ten years or so.

In our film, SAINT MAXIMILIAN KOLBE, we took the opportunity of Saint Maximilian's fight against Freemasonry to clearly present the Church's strong teachings and statements about Freemasonry, especially for Catholics.

Our film about the beautiful and inspiring life of SAINT EDITH STEIN has a five minute biographical look at Adolf Hitler which both Catholics and historians would find of interest.
Our film about SAINT PIRAN OF CORNWALL has a good, detailed section about relics, the history of relics and their importance and traditions throughout Christian history.
Our film about SAINT BERTHA: QUEEN OF KENT not only has a fascinating look at the Merovingian Dynasty but also the rise and fall of CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL as the seat of the Catholic Church in England.
Our film about SAINT MARGARET CLITHEROW includes information about Thomas Cranmer, the MASS and the Elizabethan policies.
We included a detailed look at THOMAS CROMWELL and THOMAS CRANMER as well as KING HENRY VIII and Protestant heresies in our films about SAINT THOMAS MORE and SAINT JOHN FISHER.
SAINT BEGA of BEES has beautiful teachings and quotes about purity.
Both SAINT ETHELDREDA: ABBESS OF ELY and SAINT WINIFRED AND HER WELL include miracles and the importance and truth of miracles, an element of church history that protestant thinkers and enforcers such as THOMAS CROMWELL tried to discredit and erase from Christian tradition.
SAINT POLYDORE PLASDEN affirms the True Presence of Christ in every particle of the Eucharist.
SAINT RICHARD OF CHICHESTER includes all of Bishop Richard's timeless teachings especially against 'married clergy' etc...
SAINT RICHARD GWYN is Co-Patron of the Latin Mass Society. His writings and witness encompasses specific understandings of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which he upheld and defended against the heresies in Elizabethan society, recognisable today.

Each of our films contains historical information and specific Catholic teaching which makes them useful tools for evangelisation and spiritual growth.
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