Thursday 20 July 2017

Saint Don Bosco, John Bosco, a Saint for our times - DVD, film

SAINT DON BOSCO - A Saint for our times
His prophetic dreams - his important message for today.

"Don’t you know how terrible God’s vengeance is? Do you think you can restrain one who is fleeing from His just wrath?" - St. Don Bosco's guide
Saint Don Bosco's life was filled with the supernatural and the mystical.
Not only did he found specific religious orders and is known for his education of children, but in his own words: "DON BOSCO IS A PRIEST FIRST".
He was a man of deep prayer and devotion with a striking love for the Mass, the Blessed Sacrament, devotion to Our Lady and all of the rich elements of our Catholic Faith.
He was favoured with many striking visions which were conveyed to him in what he called 'dreams' but which he described as being as real to him as real life.
Why is he relevant today? Why is he important for England?
Saint Don Bosco has left us one of the most astonishing accounts of the truths of the Catholic Faith in his biographical memoirs. His special concern and deep anxiety for the salvation of the souls of children were manifested in his constant prayer, guidance and example. He refused to be silent about important moral realities and one of these was the sad and devastating eternal consequence of unrepentant sin.
In his 'dream' about Hell, Saint Don Bosco is taken by his guide on a journey that is rich with spiritual significance and a powerful tool for Catholics seeking eternal life.
It seems almost inconceivable today to imaging young people going to eternal damnation. Saint John Bosco is very clear about the seriousness of life and warned the young boys in his care that they must remain pure and close to Our Lady and the Sacraments. Life is short. Our greatest concern must be for the salvation of our souls.
Saint Don Bosco was also linked to England in a mystical way through one of his students Saint Dominic Savio. In our film about Saint Dominic Savio (due out this year) we cover this important element of Saint Don Bosco and Saint Dominic Savio's missions.
Our film about Saint Don Bosco leans more towards the mystical and spiritual part of Saint Don Bosco's life and message. While it covers facts and details of his life, we present many of Saint Don Bosco's dreams, writings and spiritual advice so that it is both an informative and prayerful way to spend an hour with one of our great Catholic Saints. It is good for a sombre boost when we feel in need of serious reality check. But it is also inspiring and a message of hope and Heaven.


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