Thursday 16 November 2017

One of history's powerful PRAYER WARRIORS - SAINT JOAN OF ARC - A Catholic Presentation


“Joan of Arc is like a shooting star across the landscape of French and English history, amid the stories of the Church’s saints and into our consciousness. Women identify with her; men admire her courage. She challenges us in fundamental ways. Despite the fact that more than 500 years have passed since she lived, her issues of mysticism, calling, identity, trust and betrayal, conflict and focus are our issues still.” (Joan of Arc: God’s Warrior, by Barbara Beckwith)

In 2016 Mary's Dowry Productions decided to produce a film about Saint Joan of Arc.
We were not too familiar with the intricate details of her life so set about researching and planning the visuals of her story that we would like to see. This meant that we needed armour and suitable clothing for Saint Joan as a young French woman. The costumes worked out very well, giving us lovely visuals that work perfectly with the narrative of her journey.

Saint Joan of Arc was a power house of prayer. She absolutely adored the Blessed Sacrament and made her soldiers pray before and after their battles. With her beloved sword she drove prostitutes from the camps and refused to tolerate offensive behaviour or language. Most of all she was renowned for her purity, not only purity of body, heart and mind, but purity of intention - her entire focus was upon pleasing God and bringing about the triumph of the French in the war for His Glory and in His Name, that all would come to love Him and remember Him and trust Him.

Making our films about the Saints can sometimes be tricky and we often come up against great obstacles, oftentimes with photographs of Saints we would like to use, such as the photograph of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face dressed as Saint Joan. From the beginning of our apostolate we wanted to recreate imagery of the Saints, particularly where there is literally only one portrait in existence (such as in the case of the English Martyrs). With Saints such as Saint Padre Pio and Saint Therese of Lisieux there are numerous photographs but there are copyrights attached. With Saint Therese the requirement for use by those holding the copyright was 100 Euros per minute per photograph which was a shame because we work on the smallest budget in the history of film-making - but not being able to use it directed us towards recreating our own imagery of Saint Therese dressed as her beloved Patron Saint Joan of Arc, so it worked out well in the end.

We love to share the imagery we recreate of the Saints with people who are equally as enthusiastic about the lives of the Saints and hope that our film about Saint Joan of Arc is able to inspire and touch many, especially by her amazing and heroic story, witness and example.
Our films have been internationally praised for not only presenting facts and biographical information but an authentically Catholic and prayerful film experience.
Our film SAINT JOAN OF ARC is available on DVD and promised exactly that.

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