Monday 3 February 2020

High Stakes for Souls (Film Trailer) Saint Alban Roe

NEW Catholic Film Trailer:

Mary's Dowry Productions new film trailer about one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales can now be watched here:

HIGH STAKES is a NEW Catholic film from Mary's Dowry Productions UK about Saint Alban Roe, an English Martyr, who had a high-rolling strategy for souls in England when the Catholic Faith was outlawed. Available from Mary's Dowry Productions on DVD and Instant Digital Download! 

 Saint Alban Roe was a convert to the Catholic Faith during Penal Times in England. Despite being expelled from seminary and getting into trouble with his fiery temper and often blunt wit, this pious and truly devout Englishman joined the Benedictines and returned to England as an outlawed Catholic priest to minister to the persecuted Catholics.

He was hunted and eventually arrested where he quickly learned the Fleet prison system that allowed him to walk the London streets by day, ministering the Sacraments, playing cards with prayers for ‘stakes’ and winning many converts.

This cheerful and often reckless soldier for Christ was eventually martyred for the Catholic Faith in England and is one of the celebrated 40 martyrs of England and Wales. Learn his inspiring story in this new Catholic film from Mary’s Dowry Productions.

Alban Roe was one of three Benedictine monks put to death for their faith between 1641 and 1646 under the ‘long, persecuting Parliament'. All of them are recorded by their contemporaries as notable not only for the zeal of their labours on the English Mission but also for their extreme cheerfulness.

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