Saturday 1 February 2020

HIGH STAKES - a NEW Catholic film about Saint Alban Roe

The life and mission of Saint Alban Roe - FILM

Released on DVD and Instant Video On Demand this February is a NEW film about an English Martyr, Saint Alban Roe, who is part of the group known as The 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.

He started life as a Protestant with a fiery character, often rude, reckless and fierce.
When he learned of a Catholic in prison who was firm in his Faith, Saint Alban (who began life as Bartholomew) went to the prison to convert him from his superstitions and papist beliefs.
Saint Alban Roe was the one who was set upon the path of conversion instead.
His journey saw him seek out Catholic priests, read and discuss with them, pray and eventually convert to the outlawed Catholic Faith in 17th century England.
Saint Alban decided to become a priest but was expelled from the seminary for his rebellious attitude and leading people astray (he loved to play cards and was often found in ale houses) but he was pious, devout and fervent and meant well.
He joined the Benedictines, curbed his attitude and used his zeal and fire to fuel his missionary work in England when he returned as a hunted Benedictine priest.
Eventually arrested and incarcerated in the Fleet Prison, Saint Alban was delighted to figure out the corrupt prison system that saw him able to walk freely during the day about the London streets provided he return to his cell at nightfall.
He used his freedom for ministering the Sacraments and seeking out souls especially in the local taverns and alehouses, which scandalized the Puritans, but since he was a Fleet prisoner already they could do nothing about it. His wagers were prayers and many a gambler lost to this wily priest and payed the forfeits in prayers, acts of contrition and invocations to Our Lady which led many to conversion.

Saint Alban Roe was eventually tried and sentenced to death for his priesthood and for refusing to deny the True Faith.
He is an English Martyr.

HIGH STAKES looks at the life, mission and martyrdom of this lively and inspiring English Martyr.
Coming soon from Mary's Dowry Productions:

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