Wednesday 20 April 2016

Catholic DVDs in all region formats now listed on our NEW UK website, Mary's Dowry Productions UK, take a look today!

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We are pleased to have launched a NEW additional website for all of our DVDs and CDS.
It can be found at:
We are still at:
Benefits exclusive to our NEW UK website include:
FREE SHIPPING for UK residents on orders over £39.
This means that when you order four DVDs on the lives of the Saints or four CDs and they are sent to a UK address, we are able to post them to you FREE.
We keep our prices as low a possible to be able to share the lives of the Saints through our films.
Each DVD is priced at £10.
No need to create an account or sign up at:
It's easy, quick and super safe to use.
Have a Paypal account?
We accept Paypal as well for the cost of DVDs and CDs at both of our websites.
CLEAR listing of ALL of our current releases at:
Visit us today and take a look.
We produce films especially on the lives of our English Saints and English Martyrs.
Many of our films are now available to watch on our Youtube channel.
We like to have our favourite films, movies and series on DVD in our own home, so we make our original films on the lives of the Saints and Martyrs available on DVD for people who like to have collections for their home, parishes and schools too.
DVDs are especially useful for those who do not use the internet.
All proceeds from the sales of our DVDs and CDs go straight back into film production, costumes and props and allow us to make more films on these inspiring heavenly heroes.
Mary's Dowry Productions NEW additional website
DVDs are a wonderful way to share the lives of the Saints and English Martyrs with others.
Show them in your parish.
Lend them to your friends and families.
Spread the stories of the Saints and English Martyrs, shining examples from our history especially relevant today.
We have also produced DVDs on the lives of well known Saints too.
Visit us today and browse through our films.
Encounter the lives of our Saints and Martyrs.
See our full listings now.
We hope to see you soon.

Friday 15 April 2016

A Cry for Relief - by William Blundell, 1600, Catholics in England during Penal times, poems and prayers

We Catholics, tormented sore
With heresy's foul railing tongue,
With prisons, tortures, loss of goods,
Of land, yea, lives, even thieves among,
Do crave, with heart surcharged with grief,
Of thee, sweet Jesu, some relief.
We crave relief in this distress,
We seek some ease of this annoy;
Yet are we well content with all,
So thee in end we may enjoy;
Ourselves to thee we do resign -
Relieve us, Lord, our cause is thine.
Our cause is thine, and thine we are,
Who from thy truth refuse to slide;
Our faith thy truth, true faith the cause
For which these garboyles (troubles) we abide;
True faith, I say, as plain appears
To all who shut not eyes and ears.
To all who shut not eyes and ears
'Gainst fathers, scriptures, Church, and thee,
Who built thy Church, as doctors all
With scriptures plainly do agree,
Not, soon to fall, upon the sand,
But on a Rock still sure to stand.
Still sure to stand, yea, on a hill,
For all her friends and foes to see,
Her friends to foster and defend,
Her foes to vanquish gloriously;
From age to age this hath she done,
Thus shall she do in time to come.
In time to come, as heretofore,
Most certainly she shall prevail
'Gainst all the force and sleighty wiles,
Wherewith hell-gates may her assail;
Who shoot against this brazen wall
With their fond bolts themselves with gall.
Themselves with gall they will be sure,
Who strive to ruinate thy house,
And to withdraw thy children dear
From soft lap of thy dearest spouse,
Thy children whom, with streams of blood,
Thou bought, sweet Lord, upon the rood.
Upon the rood thou bought our souls
With price more worth than all thou bought,
Yet doth the fiend our foes so blind,
Both souls and price they set at naught;
They reckon not enough their ill,
Except with theirs our souls they spill.
Our souls to spill they think full soon
Or else our bodies to enthrall;
Or, at the least, to wantful state,
Through hard pursuits, to bring us all;
Come quickly, therefore, Lord Jesus,
And judge this cause 'twixt them and us.
Give judgement, Lord, 'twixt them and us,
The balance yet let pity hold:
Let mercy measure their offence,
And grace reduce them to thy fold,
That we, all children of thy spouse,
May live as brethren in thy house.
Written in 1600 during Penal Times, by William Blundell, a Catholic gentleman.
For films about the lives of the English Martyrs on DVD:

About Mary's Dowry Productions, from an Article written for Arundel Cathedral Proclaimer, April 2016, Catholic films, DVDs, productions, Howard

About Mary’s Dowry Productions
By Bernadette Bevans
Co-Founder and Co-Director
Mary’s Dowry Productions is named for Our Lady.
Tradition tells us that England was first consecrated to the Blessed Virgin as Her Dowry by Saint Edward the Confessor and that England has always held a special place in Mary’s heart.
 In 2007 my sister Emily and I felt so inspired by the lives of the saints, particularly our English saints and martyrs, that we wished to present these stories in a way that would inspire others too. I had a background in music composition and Emily in media and film.
Having grown up in A&B Diocese and living not far from Arundel, we had visited the Cathedral many times for events such as Confirmation but it struck us that we did not know a great deal about Saint Philip Howard whose tomb is there.
 We decided we would create a film on his life which would be inspiring and uplifting and help people to encounter this great saint.
Saint Philip Howard of Arundel
Available on DVD
We use the format of DVD so that anybody can pop a DVD in their player and encounter a saints’ life immediately. Using the simple means that were available to us at the time has led to the creation of a new form of film media to present the lives of the saints.
We try to recreate stunning silent visuals, informative, devotional narration and original contemplative music that touches the spirit and draws the viewer into a spiritual encounter with the saint.
Screenshot from 'Saint Ethedlreda: Abbess of Ely' DVD
Filmed on location at Nymans, Sussex
We wanted to achieve more than just films, but spiritual films that really capture the atmosphere and essence of an individual saint and not just information about them. 
Our DVD on St. Philip Howard helped us to learn about this saint too and has led us to produce films on other English Martyrs such as St. Edmund Campion, St. Margaret Clitherow; Anglo-Saxon saints like St. Cuthman of Steyning, St. Etheldreda; and popular saints like St. Francis of Assisi, St. Teresa of Avila also.
Saint Teresa of Avila DVD by Mary's Dowry Productions
Available on DVD
Our visuals over the years have become more creative, we try to incorporate local scenes and landmarks into the films and some of the saints we choose are very unknown but whose stories are remarkable and relevant today. 
Our films seek to offer a window into the lives of our saints so, using your spiritual senses we invite you to shut out the world, sit prayerfully and peacefully and go on a journey of faith, history and prayer with the saints.
 Our growing catalogue of DVDs and music CDs now numbers over 70 films which are all available online at