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Saint Anne Line: The Safe House Keeper - English Martyr, as seen on EWTN, Mary's Dowry Presents

Saint Anne Line: The Safe House Keeper
A film about an English Martyr

The Safe House Keeper: Saint Anne Line:
Saint Anne Line was a young Catholic woman, a convert from Calvinism, in Elizabethan England. With her brother and her husband Roger Line, she assisted the Catholic Church’s survival during the great persecutions during Penal Times. Saint Anne Line devoted her free time to developing a profound spiritual life, meditating often upon the Passion of Christ with a deep love of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (outlawed in England at that time) and for prayer.

Roger Line and Saint Anne Line
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Saint Anne Line loved to shelter the many priests who were hunted throughout England by the government. When her brother and husband were arrested, and Roger Line exiled, Saint Anne Line found herself alone. Her father, still a Calvinist, had rejected her and she was unable to see Roger who eventually died in exile. Saint Anne Line found her calling though by dedicated her life to keeping safe houses for the missionary priests under the direction of Father John Gerard.

Saint Anne Line and a Safe House
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Saint Anne Line preparing a secret room for Mass
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 Her reputation as a gentle, pious, reliable, devout Catholic woman was known among the recusant Catholics. She was an important part of the Catholic underground movement in England that worked to keep the outlawed Catholic Faith alive and provide the illegal Sacraments and the Mass for the English people.

Roger Line in prison - later exiled from England
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Saint Anne Line and Fr Thompson at a secret Mass before her arrest
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Saint Anne Line - a devout Catholic during a time of great persecution of the Catholic Church in Elizabethan England
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  Saint Anne Line was eventually arrested during the celebration of an illegal Mass with several others. She refused to deny her Faith or give up the locations of safe houses, priest holes or details regarding the Catholic network and priests. Saint Anne Line bravely offered her life in defence of the Catholic Church in England at the triple Tyburn gallows and is one of three women in a group known as the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.

Saint Anne Line in prison
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Saint Anne Line at the Triple Tyburn gallows
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Saint Anne Line at the gallows of Tyburn, London
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  William Shakespeare admired Saint Anne Line and it is believed that he references her in several plays and poems, in particular his poem ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’ which is believed to be a tribute to Saint Anne and Roger Line.

 Learn about Saint Anne Line: The Safe House Keeper, in a film that has been internationally praised for not only presenting details, information and facts but a prayerful and spiritual film experience. As seen on EWTN.

 Length and Format: The Safe House Keeper: Saint Anne Line runs for 30 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.

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The Shining Pearl of York, a film about Saint Margaret Clitherow, English Martyr



The Shining Pearl of York

One of our great English Martyrs, Saint Margaret Clitherow, has been known in history since her death, as the Shining Pearl of York. She was a Catholic convert at a time when it was illegal to be a member of the outlawed Catholic Church in Elizabethan England, yet she showed no fear for standing close to the Pope, the Church and the Truths of the Faith even at the risk of her own life. She worked in her husband's butcher shop in York down a popular street called 'The Shambles'. It was here that she shone as an example of kindness, piety and devotion, taking the opportunities of her contact with customers, neighbours and friends to defend the persecuted Catholic Church as well as encourage those who were terrorized by the anti-Catholic government to hold firm to the Faith.

Not only did Saint Margaret Clitherow live and breathe the Catholic Faith, devotions and piety in her daily life, but she determinedly organised and kept secret rooms, holes and safe locations, even in her own home, for hunted Catholic missionary priests. She hid sacred vessels used in the celebration of the illegal Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, educated her beloved children and the children of her neighbours in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, lit devotional candles, prayed the rosary and other illegal activities, which saw her arrested numerous times.

Saint Margaret Clitherow also adamantly refused to attend the Protestant Services which were legally required by the State Church and Protestant Government. Her husband, although he never converted himself, allowed his beloved wife to remain loyal to the True Church and many times paid her fines.

Eventually, the law caught up with Saint Margaret who was betrayed by one of her little students into revealing the location of sacred Mass vessels and the hiding place of a priest. She was arrested, imprisoned and subjected to a trial where she refused to defend herself so as to protect her family and friends. She was sentenced to death and suffered a rare and unusual execution by law. It is believed that she was expecting a child when she was crushed to death for her Catholic Faith in Elizabethan York.

Learn about the inspiring life of this great Elizabethan Catholic wife, mother and Saint in a film that has been internationally praised for not only presenting information, details and facts but a prayerful and spiritual film experience. As seen on EWTN.