Wednesday 21 August 2019

On location Our Lady of England Priory, Storrington, the old Shrine of Our Lady of England statue, Lourdes of England

As part of Mary's Dowry Productions filming for our new DVD about England: The Dowry of Mary, in preparation for the re-dedication of England to the Mother of God as her dowry, we went to the town of Storrington, West Sussex this morning to film a selection of presentations on location at the Priory of Our Lady of England.

We set out with good time, which was fortunate because within five seconds this lorry pulled in front of us and slowed us down so much it added loads of time, and we are literally only 15 minutes away.

The Priory and Shrine of Our Lady of England was established in the late 19th century with the return of the White canons, known also as the Norbertines and also as the Premonstratensians. Before the protestant reformation there were over 30 monasteries of Norbertines throughout England.

The 15th Duke of Norfolk, Duke Henry, gave the Norbertines a piece of land for them to build a new priory in 1902.

A statue of Our Lady of England blessed by Pope Leo XIII

There are three statues at the priory of Our Lady of England. A statue of Our Lady of England stands over the door leading into the garden of the Premonstratensian Canons Monastery. The statue was blessed personally by Pope Leo XIII and is said to have brought about numerous conversions and other graces. "The Holy Virgin is venerated in this church alone under the title of Our Lady of England". A statue of Our Lady of England is also inside the Church of Our Lady of England attached to the priory which is the Catholic parish of Storrington.

According to Father Andrew of the Norbertines at Storrington, the Shrine of Our Lady of England was in the garden of the priory on a stone rise.

Francis Firth collection c. 1955
The Shrine statue had come to England with the original Norbertines in 1890 but, within the last decade or so, the Shrine of Our Lady of England was dismantled while it was still a Norbertine priory and the Shrine statue was moved to the field where it stands today. The Shrine of Our Lady of England was once referred to as the 'Lourdes of England'.

Shrine statue from the Shrine of Our Lady of England
There aren't many images of the actual Shrine of Our Lady of England on the internet so we captured some photos when filming there so as be able to share it. It's a very beautiful statue and is said to have brought about many conversion and been a great source of graces. The Shrine of Our Lady of England in the priory garden was referred to as the "Lourdes of England". Sadly, the Norbertine monks left the priory a little while ago but the Chemin Neuf community live there and very kindly gave us permission to film for an hour or two about the priory.

Statue from the Shrine of Our Lady of England

Close up of the statue from the Shrine of Our Lady of England

Statue from the Shrine of Our Lady of England
This is the original statue brought to England in 1890
by the Norbertines
We were able to give some good presentations with two of the beautiful statues of Our Lady; the statue of Our Lady of England which had been blessed by Pope Leo XIII set above the east door of the priory and the statue from the outdoor Shrine of Our Lady of England that had stood in the garden and is now in Matt's Wood. While we were recording in the garden with the priory behind us the bells rang out. There was also some building work being done but they fell quite for the most part.

The garden in the cloister with a statue of Our Lady

Shrine statue from the now dismantled outdoor Shrine of Our Lady of England.

The Mary's Dowry Productions team with the Shrine statue of Our Lady of England
The Mary's Dowry Productions team with the Shrine statue of Our Lady of England
We will be producing our film 'England: The Dowry of Mary' over the coming months. For now we will be working on our film about John Henry Newman and hope to have that available soon!

Monday 19 August 2019

Saint Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely - The incorruptables of Mary's Dowry, England

Saint Etheldreda was a Catholic Saxon princess who married the Northumbrian king Egfrith. They chose to live a chaste life together as husband and wife with the king agreeing to allow the queen to live in a convent where she spent her day in prayer and holy service to Our Lord as a nun, spending time before the Blessed Sacrament and attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

However, the king later changed his mind. Word reached Saint Etheldreda that the king was heading for the convent to bring her back to the palace and make her his wife, so she fled. Many miracles occurred to assist her escape and the king saw that it was clear Our Lord wished Etheldreda to be set aside solely for service to the Church and as spouse of the Eternal King.

Thus, he left her free. Saint Etheldreda continued to live a remarkably holy life until her death in 679. Years later, her holy body was moved to a shrine and it was found to be in-corrupted, perfectly preserved as though she was simply sleeping.

The open tomb of this Saint in her holy Shrine at Ely cathedral attracted many, many thousands of pilgrims to England yearly for almost a thousand years.There were at least a dozen or so Saints whose body miraculously did not decompose. This phenomenon is spread throughout the universal church with many displayed in churches and shrines today, such as Saint Bernadette Soubirous in Nevers, France.

As part of the Protestant destruction of Catholicism throughout England, the in-corrupt bodies of the Saints were destroyed. Saint Etheldreda's body was infamously dragged from her holy reliquary and thrown onto a rubbish dump.

Part of the Protestant Reformation was to attack the major doctrines and beliefs of the people such as the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, miracles, purgatory etc...and it was the diabolical rampage of the reformers throughout England that saw the destruction of practically every convent, monastery, relic, image of the Saint, statue of Our Lady (such as the Saxon statue of Our Lady of Walsingham) and Shrine, stained glass window, prayer book, library etc...all the heritage of Mary's Dowry that pointed toward the truths of the Roman Catholic Church as that founded by Christ under the authority of the Pope.

Almost all evidence of miracles were destroyed, including the bodies of the miraculously preserved Saints, such as Saint Etheldreda. Such a terrible tragedy for England, Our Lady's Dowry.

As we journey towards the historic re-dedication of England to the Mother of God as her Dowry, part of the preparation could be to familiarize ourselves with the lives of our British Saints and English Martyrs. We can make pilgrimages to the sites where their Shrines once stood and light candles for the return of the people and the country to the Catholic Faith under the mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We have many films available including several to watch for free on our YouTube channel as well as on DVD and Instant Download about many of our British Saints and English Martyrs. Our film about Saint Etheldreda (as seen on EWTN) is available worldwide on DVD from:

England - the Dowry of Mary, prayer crusade for England, 2020

Prayers for England

As we prepare for the re-dedication of England to the Mother of God as her Dowry in 2020, here are some prayers that the great Passionist priests of the 19th century encouraged as part of the prayer crusade for the return of England to the Catholic Faith (takes from the excellent
St. Paul of the Cross, founder of the Passionists, prayed for fifty years for the conversion of England and he left this devotion to the Passionist Order. St. Paul was comforted in the last years of his life by a vision of his religious working in England. This would be fulfilled in the person of Blessed Dominic. The following prayers are recommended for those wishing to imitate St. Paul and pray for the conversion of England back to the true faith:
O Jesus convert England, O God have mercy on our country!
Prayer for the conversion of England by Cardinal Wisemann (to be said every day and after each Benediction)
O BLESSED Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon England thy “Dowry” and upon us all who greatly hope and trust in thee. By thee it was that Jesus our Saviour and our hope was given unto the world; and He has given thee to us that we might hope still more. Plead for us thy children, whom thou didst receive and accept at the foot of the Cross, O sorrowful Mother. Intercede for our separated brethren, that with us in the one true fold they may be united to the supreme Shepherd, the Vicar of thy Son. Pray for us all, dear Mother, that by faith fruitful in good works we may all deserve to see and praise God, together with thee, in our heavenly home. Amen.
Prayers to be said after Benediction on the second Sunday of the month

O MERCIFUL God, let the glorious intercession of Thy saints assist us, particularly the most blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Thy only-begotten Son, and Thy holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, to whose patronage we humbly recommend this country. Be mindful of our fathers, Eleutherius, Celestine, and Gregory, bishops of the Holy City; of Augustine, Columba, and Aidan, who delivered to us inviolate the faith of the Holy Roman Church. Remember our holy martyrs, who shed their blood for Christ: especially our first martyr, Saint Alban, and Thy most glorious bishop, Saint Thomas of Canterbury. Remember all those holy confessors; bishops, and kings, all those holy monks and hermits, all those holy virgins and widows, who made this once an island of saints, illustrious by their glorious merits and virtues. Let not their memory perish from before Thee, O Lord, but let their supplication enter daily into Thy sight; and do Thou, who didst so often spare Thy sinful people for the sake of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, now, also, moved by the prayers of our fathers, reigning with Thee, have mercy upon us, save Thy people, and bless Thy inheritance; and suffer not those souls to perish, which Thy Son hath redeemed with His own most Precious Blood, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, world without end. Amen.
Let us pray.
O most loving Lord Jesus, Who, hanging on the Cross, didst commend us all in the person of Thy disciple John, to Thy most sweet Mother, that we might find in her our refuge, our solace, and our hope; look graciously upon our beloved country, and on those who are bereaved of so powerful a patronage; that, acknowledging once more the dignity of this holy Virgin, they may honour and venerate her with all affection of devotion, and own her as Queen and Mother. May her sweet name be lisped by the little ones, and linger on the lips of the aged and the dying; and may it be invoked by the afflicted, and hymned by the joyful; that this Star of the Sea being their protection and their guide, all may come to the harbour of eternal salvation. Who livest and reignest, world without end. Amen.
Dedication of England to the Mother of God (formerly recited on Rosary Sunday every year after Mass)
O IMMACULATE Virgin Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of Grace, and Queen of the kingdom of thy Son, humbly kneeling before thee, we offer thee this country in which we live. It once was thine. Before it was robbed of the holy Faith all its children were thy children, and thou wast honoured throughout its length and breadth as its Protectress and its Queen. Again do we consecrate it to thee; again do we dedicate it as thine own Dowry. We offer our own hearts, that their love and service may ever grow and increase. We offer all our brethren those multitudes who know thee so little or know thee not at all. May thy prayer bring back the country’s ancient faith. May thy intercession lead us to a closer union with thy divine Son. We consecrate ourselves to Him through thee. Obtain for us, and for England thy Dowry, every grace and blessing, O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!
V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Let us pray.
O Holy Mother of God, Virgin ever blest, O Mary Immaculate, pray for us, intercede for us, disdain not to help us. For we are confident and know for certain that thou canst obtain all thou wiliest from thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, God Almighty, the King of ages, who liveth with the Father and the Holy Ghost, for ever and ever. Amen.
Dedication of England to St. Peter (to be renewed in every public church within the octave of St. Peter’s feast)
O BLESSED Prince of Apostles, Vicar of Christ, Shepherd of the whole flock, Rock on whom the Church is built, we thank the Prince of Pastors, who in the ages of Faith, did bind this country so sweetly and strongly to thee and to that holy See of Rome from which her conversion came. We praise and bless our Lord for those steadfast Confessors who laid down their lives for thy honour and prerogative in the hour when schism and heresy broke upon the land. We desire to revive the zeal, the devotion and the love of ancient days. We consecrate our country, as far as in us lies, fervently and lovingly to thee. We offer thee our homage. We renew our loyalty to the Pontiff, thy successor, who now fills the Apostolic See. Do thou confirm and strengthen, by thy powerful intercession, the faith of the Pastors and people who invoke thee, save us from apostasy, from disunion, from religious indifference, and from the losses to which ignorance and temptation expose our little flock. O most sincere and most humble penitent, obtain for us tears of true repentance for our sins, and a strong personal love for our divine Master; O Key bearer of the Heavenly Kingdom, open to us the gate of Heaven, that we may enter into the joy of the King of Glory. Remember this realm of England, which grew in grace and unity under thy blessed apostolic influence for nigh a thousand years. Pray to Jesus that all may see the and be brought back to thy Fold, which is the One Fold of Christ. Amen.
V. Thou art Peter.
R. And upon this rock I will build My Church.
Let us pray.
Raise us up, we beseech Thee, O Lord, by the apostolic might of Thy blessed Apostle, Peter; that the weaker we are in ourselves, the more powerful may be the assistance whereby we are strengthened through his intercession; that thus, ever fortified by the protection of Thine Apostle, we may never yield to sin nor be overwhelmed by adversity. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Prayer to Blessed Dominic Barberi, Apostle of England
Heavenly Father, through Mary, Mother of God we thank you for the life and witness of Blessed Dominic Barberi, Passionist and Apostle of Christian unity and of England. You gave him a great love for this land, the Dowry of Mary, as the Christian churches pray and work towards greater unity we ask blessed Dominic to show us the way through mutual prayer reparation and love. Through his intercession grant also the grace for which we now pray.
Remember not, O Lord, our Offences, nor those of our Parents; neither take thou Vengeance of our Sins.
Lord, have Mercy on us.
Christ, have Mercy on us.
Lord, have Mercy on us.
Jesus, receive our Prayers.
Lord Jesus, grant our Petitions,
O God the Father, Creator of the World,
Have Mercy on England.
O God the Son, Redeemer of the World,
Have Mercy on England.
O God the Holy Ghost, Protector of the World,
Have Mercy on England.
O Sacred Trinity, three Persons and one God,
Have Mercy on England.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for England. (repeat)
Holy Mary, Queen of Angels, whose powerful Intercession destroys Heresies,
Holy Mary, Virgin of Virgins, whose eminent Sanctity our Lord hath honoured with so many Miracles,
St. Michael, Prince of the Church,
St. Gabriel, glorious messenger of our Saviour’s Incarnation,
St. Raphael, faithful guide of those that have lost their Way,
Holy Angel, to whose pious custody this Province is committed,
All Holy Angels, and blessed Spirits, of Heaven, who celebrate with Joy the Conversion of Sinners,
St. John Baptist, Precursor of the Messiah, and great Example of Penance,
All ye holy Patriarchs and Prophets, Friends of God, and Advancers of his Truth,
St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and Supreme Pastor of Christ’s Sheep,
St. Paul, Doctor of the Gentiles, who of a Persecutor became a Preacher,
St. Andrew, first Disciple of Christ, and constant Lover of the Cross,
All holy Apostles and Evangelists, chief Planters of the Christian Faith, and zealous Maintainers of Catholic Unity,
St. George, our principal Patron, whose Courage remained invincible in the midst of so many Torments,
St. Alban, our first Martyr, who, for the generous charity of harbouring a Priest, was put to Death,
St. Thomas of Canterbury, who, as a faithful Shepherd, laidst down thy Life in Defence of thy Flock,
All holy Martyrs of this Nation, who voluntarily lost your Lives here, to find them again in a joyful Eternity,
St. Gregory, most vigilant Bishop of the universal Church, whose pious Zeal sent Missionaries from Rome for the conversion of our Ancestors,
St. Augustine, peculiar Apostle of this Nation, by whom our Forefathers were reclaimed from Paganism and Infidelity,
St. Bede, most venerable Confessor, by whose religious Life, and learned Writings, the Catholic Faith was eminently propagated amongst us,
All holy Bishops and Confessors, by whose Wisdom and Sanctity this Island was once a flourishing Seminary of Religion,
St. Helen, most holy Queen, and happy Mother of the first Christian Emperor,
St. Ursula, most blessed Martyr, who died in the glorious Defence of Faith and Chastity,
St. Winefred, most admirable Virgin, even in this unbelieving Generation still miraculous,
All holy Saints of this Nation, who, amidst the innumerable Joys of Heaven, still retain a particular Charity for the Conversion of your country,
All holy Saints of all Places, who, tho’ divided here in several Regions, were united in the same Faith, and now enjoy one common Felicity,
Be merciful, O Lord, and spare us.
Be merciful, O Lord, and hear us.
From the Dangers most justly threatening our Sins,
Deliver England, O Lord.
From the Spirit of Pride, Rebellion, and Apostacy,
Deliver England, O Lord.
From the Spirit of Hypocrisy, Prophaneness, and Sacrilege,
Deliver England, O Lord.
From Schism, Heresy, and all Blindness of Heart,
Deliver England, O Lord.
From Gluttony, Drunkenness, and the false Liberty of an undisciplin’d Life,
Deliver England, O Lord.
We Sinners beseech thee hear us.
That it will please thee to hasten the Conversion of this, our miserable country, and re-unite them to the ancient Faith and Communion of thy Church,
We Sinners beseech thee hear us. (repeat)
That it would please thee particularly to have Mercy on our Kinsfolks, Friends, and Benefactors, and open their Eyes to see the Beauty of thy Truth, and embrace it,
That it would please thee to incline the Hearts of all the Magistrates rightly to understand our Religion, and impartially consider our Sufferings; and how hardly soever they may deal with us, make us till with exact Fidelity to perform our Duties toward them,
That it would please thee to comfort and strengthen thy Servants who suffer for the Catholic Faith, and not permit the weakest of us, by any Temptation whatsoever, to fall away from thee and thy Truth,
That it would please thee to assist with thy special Grace those good Pastors who venture their Lives for their Flock, and daily augment in them the Fire of thy Love, and the Zeal of gaining Souls,
That it would please thee to preserve the Catholics of this Land from all Sin and Scandal, and to adorn our Lives with solid Piety, that our Enemy, seeing our good Works, may glorify thee our heavenly Father,
That it would please thee to grant us the grace of improving the Restraints and temporal Disadvantages we fall under, into an Occasion of Retiredness and Christian Severity; supplying our Want of public Assemblies by a greater diligence in private Devotions,
That it may please thee to govern us by thy good Spirit, that we may accept such Ease and Liberty, as thou vouchsafest to bestow on us, with Gratitude, use it with Modesty, and give others to understand by our Behaviour, that nothing is pleasing to us, but so far as it tends to thy Honour and our Neighbour’s Good,
That it would please thee to illuminate the Hearts of all Schismatics, who live out of the Church, seriously to apprehend the danger of their State, and the great Importance of eternal Salvation,
That it would please thee to look mercifully down from Heaven on the Tears of the Afflicted, and the Blood of so many Martyrs, who have spent their Lives and suffered Death to convert us to thee,
Son of God, we beseech thee to hear us.
O Lamb of God, that takest away the Sins of the World, Spare us, O Lord.
O Lamb of God, that takest away the Sins of the World, Hear us, O Lord.
O Lamb of God that takest away the Sins of the World, Have Mercy on us.
Lord have Mercy on us.
Christ, have Mercy on us.
Lord have Mercy on us.
Our Father, etc.
V.: And lead us not into Temptation.
R.: But deliver us from Evil. Amen.
V.: O Lord, hear our Prayers.
R.: And let our Supplications come unto thee.
Let us Pray.Almighty and everlasting God, whose Judgements are righteous, and Counsels unsearchable, who visitest the Iniquities of the Parents upon the Children, to the third and fourth generation, and yet at length rememberest Mercy: Forgive, we beseech thee, the Sins of our Forefathers, and turn away thy Wrath from their Posterity; deliver the Ignorant from being seduced by false Teachers, and the Learned from being abused by their Passions, and the whole Nation from the Spirit of Contradiction, Licentiousness, and Discord; that instead of many Divisions and Changes in Religion, under which they labour, they may again be restored to that Unity of Mind, Steadiness of Faith, and Tranquillity of Conscience, which is no where to be sought but in the Communion of thy Church, nor possible to be found but by the Conduct of thy Grace.O eternal God, who in this great Deluge of Heresy, which wholly overflows, and almost covers the Face of this Land, hast vouchsafed to select a small Number for thyself, and save them in thy Holy Ark from the common Inundation; we praise and glorify thy infinite Goodness, by which alone we enjoy the Comfort of a firm and settled Belief, free from the Inconstancy of those, who, having no Support but their own Fancies, float up and down awhile, and sink at last into the Gulf of Infidelity; make us sensible, O Lord, of these thy unspeakable blessings, that as we know thee by a sure Faith, we may love thee with a perfect Charity; and fixing all our hopes on the joys of a future Life, patiently suffer what thou permittest here, and still press on to what thou promisest hereafter, thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord, and only Saviour. Amen.
A new film will be released to celebrate the re-dedication of England to Our Lady as her Dowry in 2020 soon. For more information:

Monday 12 August 2019

Last moments of a woman hanged in England, Saint Anne Line

Many Catholic men and women, priests, laypeople and religious, willingly gave their lives in defense of the Catholic Church in England, the Dowry of Mary, during the harsh and terrible attacks upon the Faith during Penal Times in Britain.

We look especially at the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales and their moving, inspiring witness, their deep love for the Church and their heroic sacrifices, especially as we prepare for the re-consecration of England to Our Lady as her Dowry in 2020.

Here is a clip from a film about Saint Anne Line who was hanged at Tyburn gallows, London for hiding hunted Catholic priests, preparing safe houses for the celebration of the outlawed Catholic Mass, and refusing to deny the Catholic Church.

Full film available on DVD from Mary's Dowry Productions.

Saturday 10 August 2019

Preparing for the Re-Consecration of England as the Dowry of Mary - new film releases, Newman, Barberi, Frideswide

Mary's Dowry Productions Newsletter August 2019

This month we have released a new film about Saint Frideswide of Oxford. This early British Saint is the patron Saint of the city of Oxford, England. Her priory once stood where Christ Church Cathedral stands today. The history of her priory and of her relics shows the calculated attack of the great enemy of our salvation upon sacred devotional items that were an intrinsic part of Catholic life in England for many centuries before the Protestant Reformation. Devotion to Saint Frideswide was suppressed and the inspiring biography of her life shows us why, and also why she is an important intercessor for us today.

This month Mary’s Dowry Productions has been working on two new films. We were asked to produce a film about Blessed John Henry Newman to help share the importance of his life especially now as England draws closer to the re-consecration of our country to Our Lady under the unique title of ‘Mary’s Dowry’ or ‘The Dowry of Our Lady’.

This dedication has been a part of England for a thousand years and reflects the special relationship England has always had with the Mother of God. With Catholic Emancipation and the return of the Catholic Hierarchy to England in 1850, John Henry Newman was pivotal in Our Lady’s plan for England. As Blessed Dominic Barbari said, (the Passionist priest who received Newman into the Catholic Church and who has been called the Apostle of England), the men of the Oxford Movement were a very important part of God’s plan for the return of the Catholic Faith to England.

In our film about Newman we present segments from Arundel, which has an interesting link to him, and look especially at the English Martyrs, the Reformation, the Oxford Movement and ‘The Second Spring’ of the Catholic Church in England, it’s gradual return as foreseen by young Saint Dominic Savio, leading to Newman’s canonization a year before the historic re-dedication of England to Our Lady as her Dowry. We are also producing a film about Blessed Dominic Barberi who lived, worked and died with a heavenly zeal for England and her return to the Catholic Faith.

Coming soon from Mary’s Dowry Productions is a film specifically about ‘England: The Dowry of Mary’, drawing upon the history of this incredible title for England, the history of England’s special historical devotion to the Mother of God for many, many centuries and it’s meaning for the Universal Church, the great attack upon Our Lady in England at the Reformation, the importance of the English Martyrs, Newman, the many shrines throughout the country, the early British Saints and much more. We have made many of our films available through our website now for Instant Download on all digital devices.

If you like to watch Catholic films instantly, to rent or to purchase, take a look at this new feature here: INSTANT DOWNLOAD

More NEWS from Mary's Dowry Productions soon! Check out our YouTube channel accessed through our website for NEW clips.

Wednesday 7 August 2019

To console Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist, rosary - Saint Francisco Marto

Saint Francisco Marto was especially called to console Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist. He was also called to pray the Most Holy Rosary by Our Lady which he was faithful to every day until his death. In this trailer from our 2011 film 'Saint Francisco of Fatima' see how Saint Francisco responded to the visit of Our Most Holy Mother in this film available NOW on Instant Download and DVD worldwide:

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Filming day in Arundel - Shrine of Saint Philip Howard, Castle, town and Newman

Mary's Dowry Productions was out and about in Arundel this morning filming all of the presentation segments needed for our film production about John Henry Newman. We started the session off at Arundel train station where a paragraph from our film speaks about Newman travelling by train when the first tracks were laid throughout England and his amusing letters and observances he recorded, showing his humour and personality.

Emily was our presenter. She narrates most of our films and presented out film about Our Lady of Walsingham from Arundel back in 2012. We love to bring the English Martyrs into our films and John Henry Newman has links with Arundel. It was Henry, the 15th Duke of Norfolk, who encouraged Pope Leo XIII to give Newman the Cardinal hat.

Duke Henry also built Arundel Cathedral which was first dedicated to Our Lady and Saint Philip Neri due to the Duke's personal devotion to Saint Philip Neri, having been educated at the Oratory school under Newman, who was an Oratorian.

We spent half an hour in the Cathedral filming some relevant segments at the Shrine of Saint Philip Howard, who is an ancestor of the Duke of Norfolk. Newman had a great love for the English Martyrs and the history of England and the English Martyrs is crucial to Newman's biography.

As well as a beautiful statue of Saint Philip Neri opposite the Shrine of Saint Philip Howard, there are some excellent stained glass windows showing many scenes from the life of Saint Philip Neri and information about Saint Philip Howard too.

Our next stop was to present some segments in the town and outside the church of Saint Nicholas at the top of the hill too. Being out and about making our films always brings us in contact with people who ask questions about what we are filming. We were able to talk about John Henry Newman and his upcoming canonization with several people. All of them had heard of Newman, some through the schools in our local area that are named after him.

Arundel is a great place to film for Mary's Dowry Productions because it is the Cathedral of our Diocese and the cathedral, castle, town and many buildings have significant links to Catholicism.

Now that the presentation has been acquired the next step in the film-making process is to record the rest of the narration. We also have a friend and narrator currently recording the words and quotes of Newman at the BBC for us which will be sent through to add to the film over the next week or two.

Going out and about in costume or for presentation is the hardest part for Mary's Dowry Productions with the most effort needed. We're pleased with the result and look forward to putting our DVD about John Henry Newman together soon!

Hanging in Arundel castle is the original painting of John Henry Newman in his cardinal robes painted in 1881 by Sir John Everett Millais. There are also other objects inside such as a beautiful statue of Saint Cecilia given by Newman to Duke Henry. There is a fascinating and important bond between the English Martyrs, England as Mary's Dowry, Duke Henry, Pope Pius XI, Pope Leo XIII, Blessed Dominic Barberi, Saint Dominic Savio and lots more which will be explained and shared in this NEW film about the life of our soon to be NEW Saint, John Henry Newman.

Check back for more updates!

Monday 5 August 2019

John Henry Newman's Passionist friend, the priest who received him into the Catholic church, a new film

"Of all the preachers of the Divine Word who have worked for the salvation of souls in England, there is no one in our opinion to whom we are more indebted that Dominic of the Mother of God (Fr Dominic Barberi). I should consider myself happy if I had the power and right to dedicate this whole Diocese to his care and protection and be allowed to honour him as our Patron and Protector in England." - Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Bourne, 1926.

This August, Mary's Dowry Productions is working on the production of two new films: a film about John Henry Newman and a film about Blessed Dominic Barberi - one the Herald of the Second Spring, the other the Shepherd of the Second Spring.

We have managed to film our own recreated footage of both Saints for these upcoming films and are keen to complete them and make them available on DVD and to watch on Instant Video via Mary's Dowry Productions website. The following images are grabbed from our filming footage of Blessed Dominic Barberi.

Dominic Barberi offered himself especially as a victim for England. In October 1820, this newly ordained priest of the Passionist Order renewed and amplified his oblation where two years before he had asked Our Lord if he could become a victim for England's conversion, a holocaust to be immolated to the Blessed Trinity for the salvation of souls.

"In this month of October," he wrote in his diary, "I have experienced a great longing for the conversion of unbelievers, especially in England, and I have offered myself to God to be annihilated, if that could serve this purpose."

Dominic Barberi saw that the Englishmen of the Oxford movement would be a vital part of England's conversion to the Catholic Faith. Although Dominic died one year before the re-establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in England in 1850 after its forced absence of almost 300 years since the Protestant Reformation, he himself was an integral part of the return of the Faith to the country that had once been known as the Island of Saints and consecrated to the Mother of God under the title of Mary's Dowry.

In his 'Lamentation of England', Dominic wrote, among other things:

"Behold, O Lord, how our inheritance is passed into the hands of strangers; our Sacraments, which You did leave to us, are in the hands of heretical ministers who abuse this sacred inheritance which of right belongs to us, being merited and purchased for us by the shedding of Your divine blood. Our temples, those venerable churches which were built by our ancestors and dedicated to Your Divine Majesty which, in the happy days of old England when we were Your elect people, we used to assemble before thee, have been seized and polluted by strangers, by the followers of Calvin and Cranmer, and innumerable other heretics, who impiously blaspheme thee in their infamous conventicles.

"Alas my God! alas divine Jesus! alas for these holy churches erected in ancient times by the hands of Your holy saints, where Your everlasting Gospel was daily announced to us! alas for these churches, in which an innumerable company of Your servants each day and each hour of the day lifted up their suppliant hands to Your Divine Majesty! ah! in them poor wearied sinners used to find healing medicine for their wounds, yea remedy for their sins! ah! there they ever found the ministers of reconciliation ready to admit them to the kiss of peace in the sacrament of penance.

"Alas most holy temples! For in You the Lord of Glory vouchsafed to dwell in the Sacrament of the Eucharist as on the throne of mercy and grace: yea, O Lord, You did there dwell and did mercifully listen to our vows and our entreaties.

"Alas ! alas ! for now is Your house become the den of wild beasts, where Your Holy Name and Your awful Majesty is blasphemed and trodden under foot: yes in her own temple Your spouse the Church is detested, anathematised, slandered as an adulteress and unfaithful. Behold it, O Lord, behold it I beseech thee."

Blessed Dominic Barberi finally came to England in 1841. He was ill-received and ridiculed by the Catholic population at first and the anti-Catholics threw stones at him, following him up and down the streets and violently harassing him. They nicknamed him the Stuttering Papist or Padre Demonio. But Dominic walked meekly along, quietly praying his rosary. Gradually his heroic patience and humility wore down the opposition.

The people came to love and revere him. He received John Henry Newman into the Catholic Church and spent long hours in the confessional, wrote, prayed, preached a hundred missions, founded three Passionist retreats, wrote endless letters, supervised the erection of three churches and several chapels, and suffered spiritual desolation and secret penances for the return of the Catholic Faith in all her glory to England.

Dominic died in 1849 and was beatified in 1963. He is known as the Apostle of England and Shepherd of the Second Spring.

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