Tuesday 13 November 2018

Saint Edmund Campion and his heroic mission to England during the Elizabethan Era

It has been 10 years since we produced our first film about an English Martyr using people to recreate specific and important moments from the lives of the Saints. For Saint Edmund Campion we were on a very small budget but were determined to capture the deep spirituality of this heroic Jesuit missionary as well as the information, facts and details of his life and martyrdom. We were also keen to have available through a visual means (the new media) the Catholic perspective of history in England especially during the so-called 'Golden Years' of Queen Elizabeth I's reign.

Our film about Saint Edmund Campion was filmed around Arundel, Chichester and Worthing with scenes at Littlehampton beach to represent Saint Edmund Campion's return to England in disguise, scenes at Cisbury Ring to represent his travelling, and three days of filming interiors on simple sets that included a court room, safe house and prisons.

We had fun making this film and were thrilled with the result, simply because we wanted to have this visual means available to share the life and mission of Saint Edmund Campion with people who would switch off listening to our excited monologues. We showed the film twice to a large gathering in our parish church and many were very moved by his story, having never heard of him.

People respond amazingly well to watching something and listening to the words with a visual aid and with Saint Edmund Campion we packed the film with truths about the Catholic Faith, history, England and of course, Saint Edmund's very own words in his Brag and 10 Reasons.

Over the past 10 years we have worked determinedly to produce as many films as possible about the great English Martyrs, with other Saints and Martyrs coming along for the Mary's Dowry Productions style of film too. We now have 85 films on the lives of the Saints and English Martyrs with 15 specific from the group known as the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.

To celebrate our film about Saint Edmund Campion we have produced a new trailer for Christmas as the date of the anniversary of his martyrdom draws near once more.
Our film about Saint Edmund Campion has been broadcast regularly on EWTN and our shorter film, 'God's Champion: Saint Edmund Campion' is used successfully in homes, parishes and schools throughout the world.

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New Catholic films from Mary's Dowry Productions 2018

2018 has been a busy year for Mary's Dowry Productions. We've been catching up with productions filmed in 2017 giving us several new releases. NEW films include Thomas Garnet & the Plot, Saint Mechtilde of Magdeburg, Saint Claude de la Colombiere and Our Lady of Knock.

We have also been working on making available DVD box sets so that people are able to purchase 6 films for the price of 3 as our production costs are lower for these.

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PRIEST, NOT TRAITOR (13th November - St John Roberts, English Martyr):

"I wish to ask you and the other magistrates one more thing. These twelve men, who have to give a verdict in this case are ignorant persons, unable to discern or judge the difference between the priesthood and treason. You strive to do an impossible thing when you wish to make it appear that to be a priest is to be a traitor.

That would make Christ Himself a traitor, and all His Apostles; Saint Augustine also, the Apostle of England, and all the priests and bishops who have succeeded him to this day would also be esteemed traitors, and you would condemn them if they were brought before you.

I therefore say that it is impossible that being a priest should make one a traitor. A priest as such, and in regard to his office as priest, which is sacred and holy, cannot be a traitor. But if a priest commit treason, I am not so ignorant as not to know that the man is a traitor, but not by reason of his being a priest or in consequence of exercising his priestly office.

However, as these (the jury) are simple and ignorant men, I humbly beg the members of the court to decide the case in their stead, so that these poor men may not be responsible for our blood." 

- At his trial, (martyred at Tyburn, England, 10th December 1610 for being a Catholic priest)

Monday 5 November 2018

Christmas with the Saints and English Martyrs of the Church, Christmas 2...


Sometimes we can get caught up in the Holiday Season and our sense of the spiritual dims. What better way to spend Christmas than with the Saints?

In this NEW film trailer we look at our new selection of Catholic DVD box sets

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