Tuesday 2 November 2021

Sister Elizabeth Prout film available now on DVD worldwide

From Mary's Dowry Productions now available on DVD worldwide and Instant Digital Download is a NEW film that looks with devotion and detail at the life and mission of Venerable Sister Elizabeth Prout, a Passionist nun and inspiring Englishwoman.


Here is the DVD blurb:

Elizabeth Prout:

 Drawn to Catholicism through the preaching and example of a Passionist priest and missionary to 19th century England, Blessed Dominic Barberi, Elizabeth Prout would come to be known and loved throughout England, and eventually the world, as a daughter of the Passionists, a sister of The Second Spring, a founder of the religious Order of ‘The Sisters of the Cross and Passion’ and a shining light in the infamous slums of Manchester, where England and Ireland’s Catholics heroically persevered in living and practicing the Catholic Faith while enduring the most shocking conditions. 

 Raised a Protestant in 19th century England, Elizabeth lived near Aston Hall where Fr Dominic Barberi would be called by Our Lady from Italy to England her Dowry, to found the first Passionist foundation and receive Saint John Henry Newman into the Catholic Church. Despite England’s anti-Catholic atmosphere at that time and her parents’ hostility towards the Catholic Church, Elizabeth Prout joyfully entered into the Fullness of the Faith. Guided by the Passionists she was able to respond to the burning love in her heart for Christ in His Passion and in the faces of the poor. She worked with Fr Ignatius Spencer, a fellow convert and son of the Earl Spencer, (also a relative of Princess Diana), to found her order of nuns and live a life of inspiring service and deep spiritual insight. 

In this NEW film we look at the life of Venerable Sr Elizabeth Prout, a Saint for our times. Length and Format: Elizabeth Prout is 45 minutes in length and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD. As with all our DVDs you will automatically be sent PAL or NTSC format depending on your country.

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Sr Elizabeth Prout NEW Catholic film trailer - Passionist, England

Now available to watch on Mary's Dowry Productions YouTube channel is our film release trailer for our Catholic DVD and film about Sister Elizabeth Prout.

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (FILM TRAILER) Days of darkness

From Mary's Dowry YouTube channel.

Film trailer for Blessed Anna Maria Taigi

Anna Maria Taigi - Days of Darkness - NEW FILM RELEASE

 NEW from Mary's Dowry Productions this November 2021 and now available on DVD worldwide and Instant Digital Download is a film about Blessed Anna Maria Taigi. We were asked to produce a film about this Italian wife, mother and mystic and are now pleased to offer a detailed, spiritual, informative and devotional film that looks at her life and many of her gifts, visions and prophesies, including one that she is recently popular for among online Catholics: The Three Days of Darkness, as recorded by her biographer.

Here is the blurb:

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi: Blessed Anna Maria Taigi was beatified for her life of heroic virtue. She was also a chosen soul, a mystic, prophet and victim soul who lived a life of prayer, suffering and supernatural encounters with Christ and Our Lady, the Saints and Angels in 18th and 19th century Italy. God gifted her with a mystical SUN which was ever before her eyes. In this sun she could see past, present and future events. She was able to follow the whole life and campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte, for Our Lord told her the Emperor was allowed to both attack the Church and work unknowingly for the Papacy in his campaigns and his persecution of Pope Pius VII "to make him a tool of my anger wherewith to chastise the iniquity of the wicked and to humiliate the proud".

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi advised Popes and Cardinals and was able to see events that could occur and had occurred through the mystical gift of her SUN. In this SUN, her biographer records that the mystic saw a future event which is commonly known today among some Catholics as 'The Three Days of Darkness'. She was an exemplary mother, wife and friend, a devout, holy Catholic and her life is both fascinating and inspiring for our days.

In this new film by Mary's Dowry Productions we look at the life, mission, prophesies and visions of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi as well as her relationship with the Catholic Church and the Popes of her days and ours. Length and Format: Blessed Anna Maria Taigi runs for 59 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD Format.

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